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Summary Article
Individual Contributions
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Table of Contents



Summary Article

Mathematics--The Science of Patterns and Algorithms

Individual Contributions

[BI] Peter Bickel; Statistics as the information science

[BO] Mary Ellen Bock; Statistical issues for databases, the internet, and experimental data

[CH] Tony Chan; Mathematics in image processing, computer graphics, and computer vision

[CO] Ronald Coifman; Future challenges in analysis

[DA] Ingrid Daubechies; Getting inspiration from electrical engineering and computer graphics to develop interesting new mathematics

[EV] Lawrence C. Evans; Research opportunities in nonlinear partial differential equations

[GL] James Glimm; Risk assessment for the solutions of partial differential equations

[GR] Fan Chung Graham; Discrete mathematics for information technology

[GV] Andrew Granville; Random matrix theory, quantum physics, and analytic number theory

[KO] Robert Kohn; Mathematics in materials science

[KL] Nancy Kopell, George Oster and Si Levin; Mathematical biology: analysis at multiple scales

[MA] Barry Mazur; Number Theory and its Connections to Geometry and Analysis

[MS] Joyce R. McLaughlin ans William S. Symes; Revealing hidden values: inverse problems in science and industry

[MU] David Mumford; Complex stochastic models for perception and inference

[PI] Anand Pillay; Model theory and tame mathematics

[ST] Ronald J. Stern; Beyond flatland: the future of space and time

[SU] DeWitt L. Sumners; Mathematics in molecular biology and medicine

[TA] Clifford Taubes; The year 2000 in geometry and topology

[WI] Clifford Taubes; Computations and numerical simulations

[WR] Margaret H. Wright; Numbers, insights and pictures: using mathematics and computing to understand mathematical models

List of Contributors with Affiliations


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