Division of Ocean Sciences - Fall/Winter 2001 Newsletter
NSF 02-055
(Replaces NSF 01-127)

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Staff Changes

We are delighted to announce that James Yoder arrived in October 2001 to serve as the new Director for the Division of Ocean Sciences. Dr. Yoder comes to the Foundation from the University of Rhode Island, where he served as Interim Dean and Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Oceanography. He has participated extensively on national and international committees and panels, including membership on the Consortium for Oceanographic Research (CORE) Board of Governors, the U.S. Carbon and Climate Committee, and as Chair of the International Joint Global Ocean Flux Study Task Team on Remote Sensing. In 2000, Dr. Yoder began serving as President of The Oceanography Society. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island.

We are also pleased to announce that Bruce Malfait has been selected to serve as Head of the Marine Geosciences Section. Bruce has been with NSF since 1974, serving as Program Director for the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) since 1987. Paul Dauphin has been promoted to Program Director with increased responsibility for support of U.S. scientific participation in ODP and U.S. scientific planning for the future phase of ocean drilling under the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. A search for a Program Director to fill Bruce Malfait’s former position will soon be underway.

Cynthia Suchman, Assistant Program Director for Biological Oceanography, has returned to academia after nearly two years with NSF. Division Secretary Shannon Hughes left the Division to assume a new position in the Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management. Her good humor is greatly missed.

Photo of Alexandra IsernAlexandra Isern is the new Program Director for the Ocean Technology and Interdisciplinary Coordination Program. Alex received her PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and most recently served as a program officer with the National Research Council Council’s Ocean Studies Board. Her research focuses on the influence of sea level and paleoceanography on carbonate platforms.

Photo of Brian MidsonBrian Midson joined us in July as the Science Assistant for MarineGeology and Geophysics. He received his Master’s in Oceanography from the University of Hawaii and worked for the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory.

Photo of Gayle PughGayle Pugh is the new Science Assistant for Biological Oceanography. She is presently working toward a Master’s degree in Natural Resources at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Vacancies in the Division of Ocean Sciences

Vacancy announcements with further details about the positions listed below may be accessed on the NSF web site at https://www.nsf.gov/oirm/hrm/jobs/start.htm

Associate Program Director, Oceanographer

AD-3; Ocean Drilling Program (IPA)

The Associate Program Director has primary responsibilities which involve the oversight and participation in the selection/charter/conversion of an offshore drilling vessel which will be equipped through NSF support for scientific research. He/she will provide the technical knowledge, expertise and experience with this type of platform acquisition. The individual would be involved in all aspects of the procurement process, ranging from development of technical specifications for the vessel, through RFP/AO development, to proposal evaluation and selection of contractor. Applicants for this position must have four or more years of managerial experience, successful research and/or research administration experience pertinent to the position; plus a Ph.D. or equivalent experience in marine science, marine engineering, or a related field. Previous involvement with ocean drilling would be an advantage, but is not required.

Program Director, Oceanographer

AD-4; Ocean Drilling Program

Coming soon! Please monitor our job information site, noted above, for the forthcoming vacancy announcement.

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