Division of Ocean Sciences - Fall/Winter 2001 Newsletter
NSF 02-055
(Replaces NSF 01-127)

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Proposal Guidelines —
Items of Interest

Support for Collaborations with International and Federal Agency Investigators

The Division of Ocean Sciences actively encourages collaborative partnerships with foreign investigators and with scientists from other federal agencies and laboratories. However, we have constraints about what we can or will support as part of these collaborative efforts. We welcome such partnerships with the expectation that there is a partnership in both science and funding. Often requests for support are included in proposals as subcontracts – this does not get around the problem of funding policies.

We do not provide salary or travel support to other federal employees or scientists from foreign institutions, and we are very reluctant to provide other support, except where it clear that there is a unique expertise (e.g., special analytical services) or other circumstances where the research support cannot be provided by any other means. These guidelines are in keeping with NSF policy as stated in the Grant Proposal Guide (NSF 02-2):

Foreign organizations — NSF rarely provides support to foreign organizations. NSF will consider proposals for cooperative projects involving US and foreign organizations, provided support is requested only for the US portion of the collaborative effort.

Other Federal agencies — NSF does not normally support research or education activities by scientists, engineers or educators employed by federal agencies or Federally Funded Research and Development Centers.

Our Division guidelines are also based on the recognition that at every panel we must decline a good number of meritorious proposals from U.S.-based investigators. It is important that PIs contact the relevant Program if they have questions about our funding policies. If we receive proposals with critical aspects of the proposed research dependent on funding that we would not recommend because of policy, we have little choice but to ask that the proposal be withdrawn. That is, we are reluctant to ask reviewers to evaluate proposals that we know in advance could not be funded as proposed. Most often the problematic budget items are minor and can be addressed by documentation that the needed support could be obtained from other sources were the proposal to be recommended for an award. Again, please contact the relevant Program if you have questions.

Revised Grant Proposal Guide
(NSF 02-2) Now Available

The revised NSF Grant Proposal Guide (GPG) (NSF 02-2) is effective for proposals submitted on or after January 1, 2002. This revision implements:

  • revised proposal preparation guidelines relating to the Project Summary and Project Description. These changes continue NSF’s efforts to remind proposers that both NSF merit review criteria must be addressed in the preparation and review of proposals submitted to NSF;

  • updated guidelines for submission of Single Copy Documents; and

  • new capabilities within FastLane for submission of requests for PI transfers, PI changes, and Subaward approvals.

Other sections have been revised, as appropriate, to further implement changes in policy and procedure brought about by the electronic signature process. The GPG is available on the NSF website at https://www.nsf.gov/cgi-bin/getpub?gpg in HTML and PDF. A complete summary of the significant changes is included within the GPG.

Organizations or individuals unable to access the GPG electronically may order paper copies (maximum of 5 per request) by either of the following means:

  • telephoning the NSF Publications Clearinghouse at
    (301) 947-2722; or

  • sending a request to pubs@nsf.gov or the NSF Publications Clearinghouse, P.O. Box 218, Jessup, MD 20794-0218.

Please address any questions or comments regarding the GPG to the Policy Office, Division of Contracts, Policy & Oversight at 703-292-8243 or by e-mail to policy@nsf.gov.

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