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Final Evaluation Report

September 2002

Executive Summary
(PDF) 91kb
2. Table of Contents
(PDF) 28kb
3. Introduction
(PDF) 20kb
The Evaluation Study
(PDF) 41k
Transition Point One: Entry into Graduate Education
(PDF) 48k
Transition Point Two: Experienceing Contemporary Graduate Education
(PDF) 74k
7. Transition Point Three: Career and Life Choices of Graduate Students
(PDF) 43k
Key Findings and Implications for Policy and Practice
(PDF) 33k
(PDF) 18k
10. Appendix A: Panel of Experts
(PDF) 12kb
11. Appendix B: Methodology
(PDF) 31kb
12. Appendix C: Graduate Student Follow-up Survey Questionnaire
(PDF) 126kb (Word) 727kb
13. Appendix D: Institutions Included in the Disciplinary Sample
(PDF) 13kb
14. Appendix E: Site Visit Protocols
(PDF) 42kb
15. Appendix F: Site Visit Coding Plan
(PDF) 13kb
16. Appendix G: Tables Referenced in Text
(PDF) 91kb (Word) 558kb
17. About the National Science Foundation
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