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NSF 02-081

National Science Foundation
Directorate for Education and Human Resources
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Noyce Scholarship Supplements


Dear Colleague:

This letter is to inform you of an opportunity for Principal Investigators of current awards under the following programs to request supplemental funding to provide scholarships to recruit and prepare K-12 mathematics and science teachers:

NSF Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (CETP)
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Teacher Preparation (STEMTP)
Centers for Learning and Teaching (CLT)
Urban Systemic Program (USP)
Rural Systemic Initiatives (RSI)

The National Science Foundation has available $5 million in Fiscal Year 2002 to fund student scholarships and stipends to encourage science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors and STEM professionals to become K-12 mathematics and science teachers in a manner consistent with the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program that would be established by Title IV of the National Mathematics and Science Partnerships Act now pending in the Congress (H.R. 1858, 107th Congress).

In recognition of the critical correlation between teacher quality, including mastery of content knowledge, and student achievement, the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program (RNSP), named for a pioneer of semiconductor development and founder of the semiconductor industry, seeks to encourage talented mathematics, science, and engineering students and STEM professionals to pursue teaching careers. Grants to institutions of higher education provide funds for scholarships for STEM students who commit to teaching in K-12 schools. Institutions are expected to provide the programming and support to enable scholarship recipients to become successful elementary or secondary teachers. In FY 2002, this will be accomplished through supplemental grants to active awards in the programs listed above.

Eligibility: Institutions of Higher Education that are lead or partnering institutions in a current CETP, STEMTP, CLT, RSI, or USP award.

Award Information: In FY 2002, $5 million is available to support supplements to existing awards, which will be made for a period of three to four years for a total supplemental amount of up to $500,000. Pending availability of funding and successful progress, awardees may request follow-on funding at the end of the initial grant period for the purposes of tracking project outcomes. It is anticipated that 10 awards will be made in FY 2002.

Program Description: The NSF Robert Noyce Scholarship activity will offer scholarships for juniors and seniors who are majoring in mathematics, science or engineering and stipends for science, mathematics, or engineering professionals seeking to become teachers. Proposals for these supplements may address either the scholarship or the stipend program or both programs. Scholarships are limited to $7,500 per year or the cost of attendance (as defined in section 472 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1087ll)), whichever is less. A recipient may receive up to two years of scholarship support. Recipients of scholarships must commit to completion of 2 years of service as a mathematics or science teacher for each year the scholarship is received. Students enrolled in institutions requiring a fifth year or post-baccalaureate program for teacher certification may apply the scholarship to the post-baccalaureate program. Service must be performed within 6 years after graduation from or completion of the program for which the scholarship or stipend was awarded at a high need public school as defined by one or more of the following:

Stipends of up to $7,500, but not more than the cost of attendance, are available for a maximum of one year for mathematics, science, technology, or engineering professionals who enroll in a teacher certification program. Recipients of stipends must commit to two years of service as a mathematics or science teacher performed at a high need public school. Current K-12 teachers seeking certification are not eligible to receive Noyce scholarships or stipends.

In addition to scholarship and stipend support, projects are expected to offer programs to help recipients obtain certification to teach in elementary and secondary schools along with support to enable the recipients to become successful math and science teachers. This support should be available to recipients both before and after matriculation to ease the transition into teaching and aid retention during and beyond the obligatory service period. Program activities for scholarship and stipend recipients may include serving as resources for science and mathematics instruction in K-12 classrooms.

Scholarship students will be selected on the basis of academic merit, with consideration given to financial need and increasing participation of minorities, underrepresented genders, and persons with disabilities. Recipients must be U.S. citizens or nationals, or permanent resident aliens and must be majoring or degreed in mathematics, engineering, or a science discipline. Up to 10% of the proposed budget may be allocated for program costs associated with recruiting and preparing the teachers as well as providing support for the teachers as they begin teaching. No indirect costs are allowed.

Monitoring the compliance of scholarship and stipend recipients with respect to their service requirements will be the responsibility of the institution of higher education receiving the award. It is expected that failure to complete the service requirement will result in forfeiture of the scholarship or stipend award with repayments pro-rated accordingly to reflect partial service completed. All forfeited scholarship or stipend funds, less grantee administrative costs associated with collection of the repayment not to exceed 5% of the forfeited amount, will be returned to the United States Treasury. The institution is expected to establish procedures that ensure compliance with the service requirement with allowances for extreme hardship or other circumstances for which it is not in the best interests of the school district or not feasible for the scholarship/stipend recipient to fulfill the service obligation. The institution may establish procedures for waiving or suspending repayment of scholarships or stipends in cases of extreme hardship.

Awards will be made on a merit-reviewed, competitive basis as supplements to projects funded under the CETP, STEMTP, CLT, USP, and RSI programs. Eligible institutions must provide evidence of exemplary teacher preparation efforts to ensure that scholarship and stipend recipients become successful science and mathematics teachers in elementary or secondary schools. Successful proposals also will provide evidence of functioning partnerships between institutions of higher education and school districts and an infrastructure that is supportive of new teachers.

Supplemental Request Preparation: A request for supplemental funding for Noyce-consistent scholarships/stipends submitted in response to this Dear Colleague Letter should be prepared and submitted as a supplement to an existing award under the aforementioned programs through the NSF FastLane System at Principal Investigators should use the Supplemental Funding Request link under Award and Reporting Functions. The project description or "Justification for Supplement" section of the supplemental request is limited to six pages. Scholarships and stipends should be indicated in Section F.1 Participant Support – "Stipends" of the NSF budget form. Indirect costs are not allowed on participant support costs.

Proposals must include:

Special information for USP Grantees:

USP grantees partnering with institutions of higher education may request supplemental funding for Noyce Scholarships/Stipends. Funds will be awarded as a subaward to the USP grant with the subawardee being an institution of higher education that provides teachers to the USP school district.

Proposal Deadline: Proposals must be submitted by 5:00 PM, local time, May 10, 2002.

Proposal Review: Proposals will be reviewed in accordance with standard NSF review criteria established by the National Science Board as detailed in the Grant Proposal Guide ( All proposals will be reviewed by at least three other persons outside NSF who are experts in the field represented by the proposal. In considering the intellectual merit and broader impacts of the proposed project, reviewers will consider the following:

Inquiries regarding this funding opportunity should be directed to one of the following persons:

For CETP and STEMTP supplements:
Dr. Joan Prival
Division of Undergraduate Education

For CLT supplements:
Dr. Cheryl Mason
Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Informal Science Education

For USP and RSI supplements:
Ms. Celeste Pea
Division of Educational System Reform

For questions related to the use of FastLane, contact NSF’s FastLane Help Desk, 1-800-673-6188, email: or the Division of Undergraduate Education, 703-292-4646, email:

We hope you will welcome this opportunity to attract talented science, mathematics, and engineering students and professionals into teaching careers.


Judith A. Ramaley
Assistant Director

CFDA No. 47.076 — Education and Human Resources
OMB Clearance Number: OMB 3145-0058