Division of Ocean Sciences - Fall 2002 Newsletter
NSF 03-014
(Replaces NSF 02-055)

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Proposal Target Dates/Deadlines


Target Dates/

Ocean Section (OS)*

Unsolicited proposals for Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, and Physical Oceanography

Feb. 15 & Aug. 15

Marine Geosciences Section (MGS)*

Unsolicited proposals for Marine Geology & Geophysics and the Ocean Drilling Program

Feb. 15 & Aug. 15

Integrative Programs Section (IPS)

Instrumentation Development/OTIC

Feb. 15 & Aug. 15

Shipboard Scientific Support Equipment


Oceanographic Instrumentation


Ship Operations


Oceanographic Technical Services


Inter-Agency and Special Initiatives

Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR)

Feb. 15 & Aug. 15

Ridge Inter-Disciplinary Global Experiments (RIDGE 2000)

Feb. 15 & Aug. 15

Continental Margins Research (MARGINS)

Nov. 3, 2003

Ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms (ECOHAB)

Jan. 28, 2003

Earth System History (ESH)

Jan.15, 2003;
Oct.15, 2003

Climate Variability and Human Health

Dec.16, 2002

Centers for Oceans and Human Health (COHH)

(let. of intent)

Other NSF programs of interest to ocean scientists

Major Research Instrumentation (MRI)

Jan. 23, 2003

CAREER (Faculty Early Career Development Program), Geosciences Directorate

July 24, 2003

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program (contact research program regarding REU Supplements)


Biocomplexity in the Environment (BE)

deadlines vary

Nanoscale Science and Engineering (NSE)

Oct. 24, 2002

Information Technology Research (ITR)

deadlines vary

Geoscience Education

Oct. 17, 2002

Biogeosciences (BioGeo)

Dec. 6, 2002

Collaborations in Mathematical Geosciences (CMG)

Feb. 20, 2003

Ecology of Infectious Diseases (EID)

Feb. 14, 2003

* Proposals for field programs that require the use of University-National Oceanographic Laboratory Systems (UNOLS) ships in the following calendar year (2004) must be submitted by the February 15, 2003, target date.