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Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee Staff
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An Introduction to Stories about Alaska

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Home is Where the Habitat is: An Ecosystem Foundation for Wildlife Distribution and Behavior
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Grizzly Bear Population Ecology and Monitoring Denali National Park and Preserve
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Birds, Bird Studies, and Bird Conservation in Danali National Park and Preserve
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Sea Otter Population Structure and Ecology in Alaska
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Early Maternal Care and pup Survival in Steller Sea Lions: A Remote Video Monitoring Project in the Northern Gulf of Alaska
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The Occurrence and Significance of Humpback Whale Songs in Glacier Bay, Southeastern Alaska
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Wildlife in Miniature: A Biologist on the Trail of the Yellow-Cheeked Vole
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Out of Place Bones: Beyond the Study of Prehistoric Subsistence
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Evaluation the Impact of Wildland Fires on Caribou in Interior Alaska
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Demography of Dall's Sheep in Northwestern Alaska
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Muskoxen in Northern Alaska: Restoration of an Arctic Animal
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