Last Name First Name Home Institution Proposed Research Area Host Location Research Location
1 Adams  William University of Alabama Electrochemistry/ photochemistry Australia University of Western Australia Chemistry, School of Biomedical & Chemical Science
2 Agron  Paul SUNY Stony Brook Fundamental Research Laboratory Japan Sony Computer Science Laboratories
3 Allen  Karen
Purdue University
Mathematics Education Korea
Seoul National University
4 Amster Allyson University of Pennsylvania Earth & Environmental Science Taiwan National Donghua Unviersity
5 Anderson  Donde California Institute of Technology Polymer Chemistry Japan Kyoto University
6 Arthur  Christopher University of Colorado at Boulder Biological Sciences Japan Kyoto University
7 Averill  Matthew University of Texas at El Paso Earthquake Prediction Japan University of Tokyo
8 Backes Thomas Georgia Institute of Technology Electrical & Computer Engineering Taiwan National Nano Device Lab (NDL)
9 Bailey  Christopher University of Rochester Mechanical Engineering Japan University of Tokyo
10 Baker  Jack Stanford University Environmental Engineering and Architechture Japan Nagoya University
11 Ball  Rory University of Illinois at U-C Civil Engineering Japan University of Tokyo
12 Bircumshaw  Brian University of California, Berkeley Corporate Technology Planning Japan TDK Corporation
13 Bischoff  Shannon University of Arizona Department of Linguistics Japan University of Tokyo
14 Blundo  Jennifer Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tissue Engineering Australia University of Melbourne, Chemical Engineering
15 Brubaker Brian University of Pittsburgh Linguistics Taiwan National Taiwan University
16 Burns  Carole University of Utah Sensory Development, Creative Research Japan RIKEN Centre for Developmental Biology
17 Campen  Richard Penn State University Nonlinear Optics / Colloid chemistry China Chinese Academy of Sciences
18 Campos  Michael Caltech Computational Neurobiology Japan Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
19 Carr  Sarah University of North Carolina Marine Science and Policy Australia CSIRO, Marine Research (Tasmania)
20 Chan  Steven University of Maryland Climate Variations Research Japan Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC)
21 Chang Darren Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering Systems China Tsinghua University
22 Chen Austin Georgia Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering Taiwan NDL
23 Chen Johnny Texas A&M University Entomology Taiwan National Taiwan University
24 Choe  Keith University of Florida Biological Sciences Japan Tokyo Institute of Technology
25 Chon  Esther University of California, Davis  Veterinary Ethology Japan University of Tokyo
26 Chun  Cecily University of California, Santa Cruz Marine Geology China Peking University
27 Crivella  Ellen Ohio State University Water Policy and Management Australia Victoria University                           Ecology & Sustainability Group, Integrated Food Value Chain KRA
28 Danner  Aaron University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign  Microsystem Research Japan Tokyo Institute of Technology
29 Derby-Talbot  Ryan University of Texas at Austin Mathematics Japan Nara Women's University
30 DeVaney  Shannon University of Kansas Zoology Japan Natural History Museum & Institute
31 Dockery  Julie Texas A&M University Science and Technology in Education China Chinese Academy of Sciences
32 Donald James Princeton University Electrical Engineering Taiwan National Taiwan University
33 Ellis  Jean Texas A&M University Geography Australia University of Sydney, Geosciences, Coastal Studies Unit
34 Engel  Roberta University of Connecticut Evolutionary Biology Australia Western Australian Museum, Dept. of Terrestrial Invertebrates
35 Esparza  Louis SUNY at Stony Brook International Relations Japan Sophia University
36 Evans  Michael University of California, San Diego Interaction Japan Sony Computer Science Laboratory Inc.
37 Fellmann Connie Rutgers University Physical Anthropology China Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing
38 Fengler Keegan Central Washington University Geological Science Taiwan National Taiwan University
39 Fiori  Katherine University of Michigan Social Psychology Japan University of Tokyo
40 Friedman Michael Texas A&M University Psychology Taiwan Academia Sinica
41 Gamblin  George University of North Carolina,Chapel Hill Dependable and High-Performance Computing Japan University of Tokyo
42 Gans Eric University of California, Los Angeles FSMA composites China Chinese Academy of Sciences
43 Gibson  Todd University of Wisconsin Biochemical Engineering Korea KRIBB
44 Gilad  Oranit Texas A&M Zoology China Chinese Academy of Sciences
45 Goldsmith Steven Ohio State University Geological Science Taiwan Institute of Earth Science
46 Gray  Ayesha University of Washington Mangrove Ecology Australia Charles Darwin University, School of Science
47 Gregg  Jay University of North Dakota (ATM) Atmospheric CO2 / Climate Korea Seoul National University
48 Gu  Jenny University of California, San Diego Genomic Science Japan The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
49 Gupta  Rishi University of Texas at Dallas Carbon Nanotube Composites Australia University of Wollongong, Dept of Chemistry, IPRI
50 Haadee Jameelah Univervisty of Michigan MEMS Control China Chinese Academy of Sciences
51 Hanna  Jandy Duke University Biological Anthropology Japan Osaka University
52 Hargrove  Ulysses The University of Texas at Dallas Geoscience Japan Shimane University
53 Hebeler  Gregory Georgia Institute of Technology Geotechnical Engineering Australia University of Western Australia, Civil and Resource Engineering
54 Higa  Kenneth University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Water Resources Japan Kyushu University
55 Holt  Ashley Texas A&M Environemntal Biology China Chinese Academy of Sciences
56 Hopson  Peyton University of Southern Mississippi Polymer Science Australia Monash University  School of Physics and Materials Engineering
57 Howard  Shaun University of Cincinnati Chemistry and Materials Technology Japan Kyoto Institute of Technology
58 Isaacs Angela Utah State University Geology Taiwan National Taiwan University
59 Johnson  Pamela Tufts University Psychology Japan Kyoto University
60 Jorgensen  Elaina University of Washington Invertebrate Zoology Japan The National Science Museum, Tokyo
61 Kawakami  Damien University Of Minnesota Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering Japan Osaka University
62 Keesee  Amy West Virginia University Plasma Physics Australia Australian National University, Plasma Research Laboratory
63 Kelly  Resa University of Northern Colorado Department of Materials Science, Faculty of Science Japan Kanagawa University
64 Khazai  Bijan University of California at Berkeley Environmental Systems Japan Kyushu University
65 Kiers  Erica Unv. of California, Davis Human and Environmental Studies Japan Kyoto University
66 Kindt  Katie University of California-San Diego Biological Science Japan Nagoya University
67 Klein  Daryl University of Pennsylvania Cancer Biology China Beijing University
68 Knapp  Laurel Depaul University Fisheries Information Science Japan National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering
69 Krabbenhoft  Trevor University of South Carolina BioSci (marine fish systematics) Australia Australian Museum  Ichthyology
70 Kuhn  Kenneth UC Berkeley Urban Management Japan Kyoto University
71 Kuo Trudy University of Arizona Psychology Taiwan National Chung-Cheng University
72 LaPlante  Lori University of Connecticut Behavioral Ecology/ Mating signal Australia Australian Museum   Lizard Island Research Station
73 Law  Richard University of Pennsylvania Materials/Pharmaceuticals / Engineering China Chinese Academy of Sciences
74 Law  Wayne Washington University Ecology and Ethnobiology China Chinese Academy of Sciences
75 Lee  Jackson University of Wisconsin-Madison Environmentally degradable polymer research Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
76 Lee  Lynn University of California, Berkeley Chemistry and Earth Sciences Japan Yamaguchi University
77 Lee  Timothy BioServe Space Technologies Polymer Structure and Function Japan Kyoto University
78 Lippert  Peter University of California Geosciences China Tongji University
79 Loo  Christopher Rice University Bioengineering Korea Seoul National University Hospital
80 Lui  Natalie Johns Hopkins University Functional Genomics China National Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
81 Macy Jordan University of New Hampshire Naural Resources Taiwan Taiwan Forestry Res Inst
82 Major  Matthew University of Illinois at UC Mechanical Engineering Japan Keio University
83 Mathews  Mary University of Utah Mechanical Engineering Korea Yonsei University
84 Matsuzawa  Setsuko University of California, San Diego Civil Society Development China Tsinghua University
85 Maturen Nicole University of Michigan Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Taiwan National Taiwan University
86 McKenzie Todd Georgia Institute of Technology Electrical & Computer Engineering Taiwan NDL
87 McMasters Mariah Louisiana State University Chemistry Taiwan Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica
88 Michaels Alan Georgia Institute of Technology Electrical & Computer Engineering Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute
89 Michalowski  Marek Carnegie Mellon University  Humanoid Robotics and Computational Neuroscience Japan Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
90 Mikheyev  Alexander University of Texas Biology Korea Chungbuk National University
91 Milnes  Matthew University of Florida Integrative Bioscience Japan Okazaki National Research Institute
92 Mohamedi  Maysha University of California, Davis Mathematical neuroscience Japan The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
93 Mosley  Coleman University of California, San Diego Bioinformatics China Chinese Academy of Sciences
94 Nastase  Derek University of California, Irvine Urban Safety Engineering Japan University of Tokyo
95 Ngai Ka-Ming ‘Gordon’ Johns Hopkins School of Med Medicine Taiwan National Taiwan University
96 Ngo  Helen Universit y of North Carolina Catalysis Research Center Japan Hokkaido University
97 Ohlandt Chad University of Michigan Scientific Computing, CFD China Chinese Academy of Sciences
98 Ording  Philip Columbia University Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science Japan Gakushuin University
99 Oritz Eduardo Univervisty of Michigan Power Electronics and Control Systems China Chinese Academy of Sciences
100 Ostrem Karena Columbia University Engineering - Energy China Zhejiang Energy Research Institute of China
101 Osugi  Thomas University of Nebraska - Lincoln Computational Astrophysics Japan Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
102 Oswald  Kenneth University of South Carolina Biosystems Science Japan The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
103 Ota  Meris Stanford University Structural Engineering Japan Building Research Institute
104 Page  Kirt The University of Southern Mississippi Macromolecular Science Japan Osaka University
105 Parikh  Urvi University of Pittsburgh AIDS Research Japan National Institute of Infectious Diseases
106 Pishnyak  Oleg Liquid Crystal Institute Department of Electrical and Electronic Japan Akita University
107 Pribbernow  Michelle University of Pittsburgh Department of Anthropology Japan Kyoto Bunkyo University
108 Rabosky  Daniel Cornell University Evolutionary Biology Australia South Australian Museum, Evolutionary Biology Dept
109 Renedo  Christopher Oregon State University Ocean Engineering Japan Port and Aieport Research Institute
110 Roberts  Patricia University of Missouri Polymer Engineering Korea Seoul National University
111 Robinson  Jeremy University of California - Berkeley Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics Japan Keio University
112 Rodriguez Douglas Texas A&M University Mechanical Engineering Taiwan National Tsing Hua University
113 Rothenberg  Sarah University of California, Los Angeles Modeling Urban Water Demand China Institute of GeographicalScience and Natural Resources
114 Rykken Jessica Oregon State University Botany & Plant Pathology Taiwan Taiwan Forestry Research Institute
115 Schienke Erich Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Science and Technology Studies China Peking University
116 Scott  Julia University of Utah  Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Japan University of Tokyo
117 Shilling Meghan Georgia Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering Taiwan National Tsinghua University
118 Siefferman Lynn Auburn University Biological Science Taiwan National Taiwan University
119 Stolt  Peggy Havard Medical School Structural Biology Korea National Cancer Center
120 Su Jiann-Cherng Georgia Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering Taiwan National Taiwan University
121 Sullivan  Thomas University of California, San Diego Media Science Japan Tokyo University of Technology
122 Swierc  James University of Montana Ecology (eco-hydrology) Australia CRC Water Quality and Treatment Sustainable Water Sources Prog.
123 Symula  Rebecca University of Texas, Austin Biological Sciences Color Mimicry Australia Australian National University Evolutionary Biology
124 Tarver  Gregory Southern University and A&M College Urban Forest Ecology China Research Center for Eco-environmental Science
125 Tran  Quan Georgia Institute of Technology Integrated Information Processing Japan University of Yamanashi
126 Triplett  Jimmy Iowa State University Plant Taxonomy and Evolution Japan Kyoto University
127 Trunk  Laura University of Washington Study of the Earth's Interior Japan Okayama University
128 Turnbull  Jocelyn University of Colorado Carbon Cycle Research Japan National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
129 Uriz Patxi University of CA, Berkeley Civil & Environmental Engineering Taiwan NCREE/National Taiwan Univ
130 VanHoewyk  Douglas Colorado  State Universtiy Metabolic Compartmentation Japan The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
131 Verduzco  Rafael California Institute of Technology Nanotechnology Korea Pohang University of Science and Technology
132 Vu  Cuong Johns Hopkins Medicine Orthopaedic Surgery Japan University of Tokyo
133 Wagaman John Texas A&M University Statistics Taiwan National Tsinghua University
134 Walker  Heath Iowa State University Materials Science/ Engineering Korea Changwon National University
135 Ward  Andrew The Scripps Research Institute Cell Biology Japan Kyoto University
136 Wei Benjamin University of Michigan Medical School Molecular Virology Taiwan National Taiwan University
137 Wejinya Uchechukwu Univervisty of Michigan Micro / Nano Manipulation China Chinese Academy of Sciences
138 Wentz Amy Texas A&M University Rangeland Ecology & Management Australia CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems
139 Wesoloski  Lisa University of California, Los Angeles Nanofabrication Japan National Institute for Materials Science
140 Wicker James University of Tennessee Astronomy / Spectroscopy China Academica Sinica
141 Wipf  David University of California, San Diego Machine Learning China Peking University
142 Wolak  Justyna North Carolina State University Plyolefin Blends Australia University of Queensland, Centre for Magnetic Resonance
143 Wu Henry University of Pennsylvania Environmental Studies Taiwan National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
144 Young  Angela University of California, San Diego Long Kruppoel-like Factor China Peking University
145 Ziegler  Tracy Duke University Biological Sciences (Marine) Australia Curtin University of Technology,  Dept. of Environmental Biology and Aquatic Science
146 Zysk  Adam University of Illinois at Urbana-Champai Optical Cancer Detection Australia University of Western Australia, Electrical and Electronic Engineering