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Data and Sample Policy
Table of Contents
I. Purpose
II. Philosophy
III. General Data Policy
IV. Proposal Requirements
V. Reporting Requirements
VI. More Specific Guidance
VII. Sample Policy
Appendix I. National Data Centers
Appendix II: Program Specific Requirements
Appendix III: Other Database Activities
Appendix IV. Sample Repositories

I. Purpose

  1. The ocean community is experiencing an unprecedented increase in the types and amount of data becoming available and as ocean science has evolved to larger, multi-investigator, interdisciplinary projects, availability and sharing of data and samples in a timely fashion has become increasingly important.

  2. This statement updates and revises guidelines to implement Federal data policy by assuring timely submission of quality controlled oceanographic data to the national data centers for secondary use. Guidelines for oceanographic data were first issued by the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Division of Ocean Sciences (OCE) in October 1988 and revised in 1994.







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