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Data and Sample Policy
Table of Contents
I. Purpose
II. Philosophy
III. General Data Policy
IV. Proposal Requirements
V. Reporting Requirements
VI. More Specific Guidance
VII. Sample Policy
Appendix I. National Data Centers
Appendix II: Program Specific Requirements
Appendix III: Other Database Activities
Appendix IV. Sample Repositories

III. General Data Policy

  1. Principal Investigators are required to submit all environmental data collected to the designated National Data Centers (Appendix I) as soon as possible, but no later than two (2) years after the data are collected. Inventories (metadata) of all marine environmental data collected should be submitted to the designated National Data Centers within sixty (60) days after the observational period/cruise. For continuing observations, data inventories should be submitted periodically if there is a significant change in location, type or frequency of such observations.

  2. Principal Investigators and their institutions, and ship-operating institutions are also responsible for meeting all legal requirements for submission of data and research results that are imposed by foreign governments as a condition of that government's granting research clearances. Each principal investigator and institution must determine their legal obligations in this respect, with the assistance of the Department of State and NSF, as necessary.

  3. Where no data or sample repository exists for the collected data or samples, metadata must be prepared and made available. The Principal Investigator (PI) is required to address alternative strategies for complying with the general philosophy of sharing research products and data as described above. This must be included in the proposal Project Description. Samples should be curated in a manner that preserves the quality of the samples. The PI is invited to discuss this issue with NSF Program Officers in advance of submitting proposals.




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