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A report from a NSF workshop
held August 5 -6, 2003.

I. Executive Summary
II. Introduction
III. Actions Taken in
Response to Problem
IV. Recommendations
Meeting Participants

SFS Program Statistics

Agencies That Have
Hired SFS Students
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APPENDIX 3: Agencies That Have Hired SFS Students

The following agencies have placed SFS students either in an internship or for post-graduation employment:

  1. CIA (Internship)
  2. Department of Agriculture
    CSREES (Permanent)
  3. Department of Army
    · Corps of Engineers (Internship)
  4. Department of Commerce
    · NIST (Internship/Permanent)
    · CIO (Permanent)
    · International Trade Administration (Internship/Permanent)
  5. Department of Defense
    · Defense Computer Forensics Lab (Internship/Permanent)
    · NSA (Internship/Permanent)
  6. Department of Energy (Internship)
  7. Department of Homeland Security
    · FedCirc (Permanent)
  8. Department of Housing and Urban Development
    · OIG (Internship/Permanent)
  9. Department of Justice
    · Federal Bureau of Investigation (Internship/Permanent)
    · CIO (Permanent)
  10. Department of Navy
    · Naval Oceanographic Agency (Internship)
  11. Department of Transportation
    · Federal Aviation Administration (Internship)
    · Coast Guard (Internship)
  12. Department of Treasury
    · Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) (Internship)
    · Secret Service (Internship/Permanent)
    · Internal Revenue Service (Internship)
  13. Department of Veterans Affairs
    · OIG (Internship)
  14. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) (Internship/Permanent)
  15. General Accounting Office (Permanent)
  16. National Science Foundation (Internship)
  17. NASA
    · Goddard Space Center (Internship/Permanent)
    · HQ East Coast (Internship)
    · Propulsion Lab (Internship)
    · OIG (Internship)

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