Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Information Technology Research (ITR) (NSF 04-012)


Two FAQ's were added under Letter of Intent, (February 06, 2004).

Frequently Asked Questions – Letters of Intent

Question: Can I change parts of the LOI that I submitted?(added 2/6/04)

Answer: At this stage, there is no point in changing the LOI itself. NSF is using the LOIs to get a sense of what proposals are likely to come in and the themes they will represent. Ultimately, the organization of the review process will depend on the content of the Full Proposals. For this reason, we have not set up any mechanisms to modify the LOIs.

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Question: What parts of the LOI can be changed in the Full Proposal?(added 2/6/04)

Answer: You may change the title, switch PI and co-PI, or even add co-PIs and senior investigators to the Full Proposal. However, adding new individuals to the Full Proposal must be done with great care. The determination of whether someone is on another ITR proposal is very difficult. If NSF finds that an individual is on two ITR projects, all proposals with that individual’s name will be returned without review.

We expect, however, that the major emphases in the project (i.e. the scientific contributions and broader impacts) will not change much from the LOI.

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