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Bibliometric Analysis of Core Papers Fundamental to Tissue Engineering

March 25, 2002

Prepared for
Abt Associates, Inc., (The Prime Contractor), 55 Wheeler Street, Cambridge, MA 02138


National Science Foundation (The Sponsoring Agency)

Prepared by
Diana Hicks, Mike Albert, Tony Breitzman, and Peggy Cheney
CHI Research, Inc., 10 White Horse Pike, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035, Tel.: 856.546.0600 Fax: 856.546.9633


I. Executive Summary - View PDF (47 Kb)
II. Introduction - View PDF (37 Kb)
III. Methodology - View PDF (87 Kb)
     A. Finding core papers fundamental to tissue engineering
     B. Constructing the analysis paper set
IV. A Few Characteristics of the Paper Set - View PDF (45 Kb)
V. Use of the Term "Tissue Engineering" - View PDF (58 Kb)
VI. NSF Funding of Core Papers Fundamental to Tissue Engineering - View PDF (84 Kb)
     A. Institutions
     B. Authors
     C. A Note on Government Interest Patents
VII. Co-authorship Maps and Tables - View PDF (91 Kb)
     A. Overview of Lead Author Co-authorship Patterns
     B. Patterns of Co-authorship
     C. Maps
VIII. Analysis of International Patenting - View PDF (81 Kb)
     A. Methodology
     B. Results
IX. Conclusion - View PDF (35 Kb)
Appendix 1: Paper Filter used in PubMed (9-10, 2001) - View PDF (35 Kb)
Appendix 2: Patent Filter used in USPTO System (9/26/01) - View PDF (35 Kb)
Appendix 3: Patent Database - View PDF (35 Kb)
Appendix 4: Tables - View PDF (57 Kb)
Appendix 5: Figures - View PDF (39 Kb)

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