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Input into NSF Strategic Plan

December 14, 2005

Dear Colleague:

The National Science Foundation is asking for your input at the start of the process to draft the next NSF Strategic Plan. Feedback from the science and engineering community is very important and views from the community will be incorporated into the new plan.

The current plan ( is meant to guide NSF and stakeholders in a way that is responsive to the science and engineering community that we serve. The Strategic Plan for FY 2006-2011 will continue to do this through communicating NSF’s strategic goals, objectives, priorities and strategies over this time period. To meet the requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act, the plan will also discuss the relationship of this entire framework to annual performance goals in the NSF budget. The Strategic Plan will be consistent with the priorities and strategies being drafted in the National Science Board 2020 Vision for the National Science Foundation.

Your comments are requested by January 20, 2006 through the website at In particular, NSF requests comments on the following questions to assist us in developing the new plan:

Does NSF’s current Strategic Plan effectively communicate NSF’s roles and responsibilities as part of the science and engineering (S&E) community? If not, what is lacking and how can the next plan be improved?

What broad characteristics of the near- and long-term environment for S&E research and education should NSF consider and address in its next Strategic Plan?

In addition to direct community input, the NSF Advisory Committees will provide guidance throughout the process. There will be another opportunity for direct community input once a draft plan is completed. The final version of the Strategic Plan must be sent to Congress and the Office of Management and Budget by September 30, 2006.

Your assistance in this very important task is appreciated.


<signed> <signed>
Arden L. Bement, Jr.
Kathie L. Olsen
Deputy Director