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National Science Foundation

2005 Performance and Accountability Report

2005 Performance and Accountability Report Cover

If you have difficulty accessing any files contained in this document, please contact Shirley Watt.


NSF Mission and Vision Statement/On the cover (PDF, 27kb)

Table of Contents (PDF, 46kb)

A Message from the Director (PDF, 42kb)

I. Management's Discussion and Analysis

   Agency Profile (PDF, 244kb)
      Mission and Vision
      Organizational Structure
      How We Work: A Catalyst for Innovation
      President’s Management Agenda
      Meeting Future Challenges

   Performance Summary and Highlights (PDF, 230kb)
      Assessing Long-Term Research
      FY 2005 GPRA Results
      PART Evaluations
      Data Verification and Validation
      The Integration of Budget, Performance and Cost

   Management Integrity: Controls, Compliance and Challenges (PDF, 997kb)
      FMFIA, FFMIA, and the Director’s Statement of Assurance

   Financial Discussion and Analysis (PDF, 147kb)
      Understanding the Financial Statements
      Budgetary Integrity: NSF Resources and How They Are Used
      Improper Payments Information Act of 2002: Summary of Initiative
        Efforts, Results and Agency Plans
      Financial System Strategy
      Key Financial Metrics
      Future Business Trends and Events
      Limitations of the Financial Statements

II. Performance (PDF, 1,176kb)

   Executive Summary
   Summary Table of Performance Results
   Some NSF Achievements
   Performance Reporting Requirements
   NSF Performance Goals
      Ideas Goals
      Tools Goals
      People Goals
      Organizational Excellence Goals
   Assessment and Evaluation Process
   Verification and Validation
   Additional Information

   IBM Performance Measurement Validation and Verification FY2005
     Final Report (Executive Summary) (PDF, 461kb)

III. Financials

   A Message from the Chief Financial Officer (PDF, 998kb)

   Independent Auditors’ Report (PDF, 171kb)

   Management’s Response to Auditors’ Report (PDF, 309kb)

   Financial Statements and Notes
      Principal Financial Statements (PDF, 318kb)
      Notes to the Principal Financial Statements (PDF, 357kb)
      Required Supplementary Information (PDF, 345kb)
         Budget Resources by Major Budgetary Accounts
         Intragovernmental Balances and Deferred Maintenance
      Required Supplementary Stewardship (PDF, 113kb)
        Information Stewardship Investments

IV. Appendix

   1. Description of NSF Directorates and Management Offices (PDF, 46kb)

   2. NSF Executive Staff and NSF Officers (PDF, 44kb)

   3. National Science Board Members During FY 2005 (PDF, 47kb)

   4. Additional Performance Assessment Information
      A. Schedule of Program Evaluations (PDF, 283kb)
      B. Table of External Evaluations (PDF, 159kb)

   5. Additional Financial Reporting Information
      A. Improper Payments Information Act: Reporting Details (PDF, 89kb)
      B. Other Financial Reporting Information (PDF, 46kb)
            Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996
            Civil Monetary Penalty Act
            Prompt Payment Act
            Cash Management Improvement Act

   6. Management Challenges
      A. Inspector General’s Memorandum on FY 2006 Management Challenges
           (PDF, 2,145kb)
      B. Director’s Response to IG’s FY 2006 Management Challenges and
           (PDF, 246kb)
          NSF Management Challenges for FY 2005 – Agency Actions
           (PDF, 3,937kb)

   7. Patents and Inventions Resulting from NSF Support (PDF, 33kb)

   8. List of Acronyms (PDF, 70kb)

Entire Document PDF File (PDF, 16,382kb)

List of Tables

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