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NSF 06-54, K-12 & Informal Nanoscale Science and Engineering (NSEE) in the U.S. - Workshop Report, October 2005

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Title Page
Table of Contents
(PDF, 342kb)

Day 1 
Session I. Instructional Materials: Designing and Developing Classroom Resources
Session II.  Teacher Professional Development
Session III. Nanoscience Education beyond the Classroom: Exhibits, Media & Special Programs
 (PDF, 105kb)

Day 2 
Session IV. NCLT, NIMD, and NISE projects
Session V. NSEC, NCN, NNIN, and MRSEC projects
(PDF, 109kb)


Appendix 1: Cornell University/Center for Nanoscale Systems Profile
(PDF, 74kb)

Appendix 2: Cornell University/National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network Profile (PDF, 90kb)

Appendix 3: Harvard University/Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center Profile (PDF, 85kb)

Appendix 4: Johns Hopkins University/Materials Research Science and Engineering Center Profile (PDF, 80kb)

Appendix 5:  Northeastern University/Center for High-Rate Nanomanufacturing Profile (PDF, 65kb)

Appendix 6: Ohio State University/NSEC Profile (PDF, 140kb)

Appendix 7: Pennsylvania State University/Center for Molecular Nanofabrication and Devices Profile (PDF, 96kb)

Appendix 8: Princeton University/Center for Complex Materials Profile
(PDF, 65kb)

Appendix 9: Purdue University/Network for Computational Nanotechnology Profile (PDF, 65kb)

Appendix 10: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/Center for Directed Assembly of Nanostructures Profile (PDF, 79kb)

Appendix 11: Stanford University/Center for Probing the Nanoscale Profile
(PDF, 76kb)

Appendix 12: University of California Los Angeles/Center for Scalable & Integrated Nanomanufacturing Profile (PDF, 64kb)

Appendix 13: University of Illinois/Center for Nanoscale Chemical-Electrical-Mechanical Manufacturing Systems Profile (PDF, 68kb)

Appendix 14: University of Massachusetts Amherst/Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing Profile (PDF, 66kb)

Appendix 15: University of Pennsylvania/NSEC Profile (PDF, 59kb)

Appendix 16: University of Wisconsin Madison/NSEC Profile (PDF, 73kb)

NSF Contact Information & Back Cover (PDF, 97kb)

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