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NSF 06-60, New Formulas for America's Workforce 2:
Girls in Science and Engineering

Front Cover

Front Matter (Front Cover, Table of Contents, Origins, Why This Book?, Acknowledgements. and A Periodic Table of Contents) (PDF, 415kb)

Chapter One: Changing Stereotypes (PDF, 452kb)

Chapter Two: Girls and the Technology Gap (PDF, 503kb)

Chapter Three: Fostering Early Interest in Science (PDF, 425kb)

Chapter Four: Girls and the Math Gap (PDF, 279kb)

Chapter Five: Holding Interest Through College and Community College (PDF, 177kb)

Chapter Six: Creating a Diverse S&E Workforce (PDF, 128kb)

Chapter Seven: Tools for Educators and Researchers (PDF, 354kb)

Appendices, Index, and Back Cover (PDF, 107kb)


PDF Logo Entire PDF Document (2,760kb)

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