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NSF 07-057, Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) Brochure - 2007

MPS Brochure Front Cover

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Front Cover, Inside Front Cover (MPS Merit Review and Oversight Mechanisms, and MPSAC Membership as of October 2006), & Dear Reader (PDF, 245kb)

Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (PDF, 134kb)

Division of Astronomical Sciences (AST) - At a Glance (PDF, 230kb)

Division of Chemistry (CHE) - At a Glance (PDF, 205kb)

Division of Materials Research (DMR) - At a Glance (PDF, 219kb)

Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) - At a Glance (PDF, 236kb)

Division of Physics (PHY) - At a Glance (PDF, 216kb)

Office of Multidisciplinary Activities (OMA) - At a Glance (PDF, 84kb)

Back Cover & Insert Page (PDF, 734kb)


PDF Logo Entire PDF Document (1,745kb)