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Significant Change to NSF Division of Chemistry’s Unsolicited Proposal Submission Window

Date:  March 5, 2007

Dear Colleague:

In order to ensure the timely handling of proposals and fairness in comparing competing requests for funding, the Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) Division of Chemistry (Division) has changed its proposal submission window for unsolicited proposals from the current single long window (second Monday in July until the second Friday in January) to two shorter windows; one between July 1 and July 31 and another between November 1 and November 30.  The window changes are effective immediately.  For purposes of NSF, the end date of each submission window converts to, and follows the same policies as, a deadline date.

This action follows a recommendation from the 2004 Committee of Visitors Report,, and consultation throughout the NSF and the community.  The new windows will provide increased opportunities of co-review and co-funding of awards with other divisions within the NSF.  Principal Investigators (PIs) may submit their proposal in either window.  However, PIs should consider submitting their proposal in July if the proposal is bio-oriented or in November if it is materials research-oriented in order to enhance co-funding opportunities.

The new window dates of July 1-31 and November 1-30 do not apply to proposals sent to the Division in response to Foundation-wide solicitations with their own target or deadline dates, including solicitations such as Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) or Major Research Instrumentation (MRI).  The two windows do not apply to other Division solicitations such as the Chemistry Research Instrumentation and Facilities (CRIF) solicitation which has specific deadline dates.  The two windows also do not apply to submission of requests for supplements and for Small Grants for Exploratory Research (SGER).  Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) and Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry (GOALI) proposals submitted to the Division of Chemistry are subject to the submission windows.

For full proposals submitted via FastLane standard Grant Proposal Guidelines,, apply.  For full proposals submitted via,, the NSF Application Guide, A Guide for the Preparation and Submission of NSF Applications via, applies.  The NSF Application Guide is available on the website and on the NSF website,

The Division requires that all proposals be received by 5 p.m. submitter's local time on the established deadline date.  Proposals not adhering to the above referenced guidelines will be returned without review.  To allow time to address any problems with format or submission, we urge you to submit your proposal well before the window-closing dates.

Those planning to submit proposals for consideration by the Division are encouraged to consult the Division’s website,, from time to time for information on procedures for submitting proposals, new funding opportunities, and other information about the Division. 

If you have questions regarding the new proposal submission windows, please email your questions to


Dr. Luis Echegoyen, Director
Division of Chemistry
National Science Foundation