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Major Research Instrumentation Cost-Sharing Notice

This document has been archived.

Dear Colleagues,

Title VII of the America COMPETES Act (P.L. 110-69) directs the National Science Foundation to require cost-sharing in the Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program of at least 30%.  The Act states that institutions of higher education that are not Ph.D.-granting institutions are exempt from the cost-sharing requirement.  Therefore, effective FY 2008, the MRI Program will require 30% cost-sharing on all proposals submitted by PhD granting institutions and non degree-granting institutions.  The latter category includes US independent research museums, US independent nonprofit research organizations and consortia whose members consist of US institutions of higher education and/or US independent research museums.  Cost-sharing will not be required from non PhD-granting institutions.  Contributions towards cost-sharing may be made from any non-Federal source, and may be cash or in-kind.  No exceptions will be made for this cost-sharing requirement. 

When determining institutional type (PhD granting, non PhD-granting, or non degree-granting), please consider degrees only in fields supported by NSF. 

Instrument Acquisition Proposals

Eligible costs are limited to the costs of the instrument, installation, calibration, commissioning and operation and maintenance.  Only these items may be included as the institution’s contribution to cost sharing. 

Instrument Development Proposals

Eligible costs are limited to parts and materials needed for construction, commissioning costs, and the direct and indirect costs associated with support of personnel engaged strictly in the development effort.  Only these items may be included as the institution’s contribution to cost sharing.  Thirty percent cost sharing is required for the equipment hardware cost only. 

The solicitation will be published in late October and the MRI deadline will be the fourth Thursday in January.  Please consult the MRI website for further details in late October: 


Nathaniel G. Pitts
Office of Integrative Activities
National Science Foundation