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NSB-08-4, International Science and Engineering Partnerships:
A Priority for U.S. Foreign Policy and Our Nation's Innovation Enterprise

Front Cover

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Front Matter (Front Cover, Title Page, NSB Members, Contents, Memorandum, and Acknowledgements) (PDF, 291kb)

Executive Summary (PDF, 151kb)

Benefits of International S&E Partnerships
Vision for U.S. Support of International S&E Partnerships
Strategic Priorities
(PDF, 226kb)

Endnotes & Selected Acronyms (PDF, 132kb)

Appendix A: Examples of International S&E Partnerships (PDF, 81kb)

Appendix B: Summary of Board Activities (PDF, 116kb)

Appendix C: List of Participants in Task Force Roundtable Discussions and Meetings (PDF, 108kb)

Appendix D: List of Individuals Who Submitted Comments on Drafts of the Report (PDF, 93kb)

Back Matter (Obtaining the Report and Back Cover) (PDF, 246kb)

PDF Logo Entire PDF Document 672kb)