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NSF 08-064, Report of the Advisory Committee for GPRA Performance Assessment FY 2008

Front Cover

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Front Matter  Advisory Committee for GPRA Performance Assessment (AC/GPA) (Cover Photo Information and Credits, Table of Contents)
2008 AC/GPA Membership List (PDF, 273kb)

Executive Summary and Acknowledgements (PDF, 110kb)

Discovery Subgroup (PDF, 343kb)

Learning Subgroup (PDF, 363kb)

Research Infrastructure Subgroup (PDF, 203kb)

Committee of Visitor Reports (COV) Subgroup (PDF, 199kb)

Appendix I (PDF, 92kb)

Appendix II (PDF, 174kb)

Appendix III (PDF, 102kb)

Appendix IV (PDF, 120kb)

Appendix V (PDF, 114kb)

Appendix VI (PDF, 151kb)



PDF Logo Entire PDF Document (PDF 1.52 MB)

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