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Dear Colleague Letter: Forthcoming FY09 solicitation for CDI

This document has been archived.

Dear Colleague:

The timelines and review process for the Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI) solicitation,, are changing in 2009.  A revised solicitation containing these changes will be posted shortly.  These planned revisions reflect NSF’s experience with the first round of proposals received in response the previous CDI solicitation.  For information about CDI, see

Highlights of the revisions to the forthcoming CDI solicitation include the following:

  • No Letters of Intent:  The “Letter of Intent” stage has been eliminated.  The review process is a two-stage process, as before, with a preliminary proposal submission and a subsequent full proposal submission by invitation only.
  • Deadlines:
    • The anticipated revised deadline for submission of preliminary proposals is in the late Fall of 2008.
    • The precise deadline for submission of preliminary proposals will be scheduled on or later than 90 days after the date of solicitation posting, and will be announced in the solicitation document.
    • The deadline for submission of full proposals will be announced in the solicitation document.
  • Keywords Required:  Preliminary proposal submission instructions will be modified to include refined keyword choices.
  • No Type IIIs:  In Fiscal Year 2009, only Type I and Type II CDI proposals will be considered.

Thank you for your attention.

(703) 292-8080