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NSF 09-067

Dear Colleague Letter: Information for the research community in advance of release of the FY10 solicitation for Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI)

Dear Colleague:

It is anticipated that an official solicitation for the FY 2010 CDI competition will be posted in the coming weeks.  For the information of the research community, the following statements highlight important items and expected changes from the previous FY 2009 solicitation.  This is subject to change until the FY 2010 solicitation is officially approved and posted.

  • No Type III:  As in FY 2009, there will be no Type III competition in FY 2010.
  • No pre-proposals:  Preliminary proposals will be eliminated – PIs will be asked to submit full proposals only.
  • Deadlines:  Type I and Type II will continue to be independent competitions in FY 2010.  The new deadlines will be February 4, 2010, for Type I full proposals and February 5, 2010, for Type II full proposals.
  • The paragraphs on societal impact of CDI, in the synopsis and description sections, will be expanded to address national grand challenges and presidential initiatives (e.g., see
  • The section on virtual organizations will be revised to more strongly emphasize research, in contrast to only building infrastructure.

Thank you for your attention.

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