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NSF 11-063

Dear Colleague Letter for Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (S12) program

The Office of Cyberinfrastructure (OCI) has partnered with other directorates and offices within the National Science Foundation (NSF) to establish the crosscutting Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SI2) program (, a long-term investment with the overarching goal of transforming innovations in research and education into software resources that are an integral part of cyberinfrastructure. SI2 envisions a software ecosystem that scales from individual or small groups to large hubs, all focused on innovation, development, and stewardship of a sustainable software infrastructure that can enhance productivity and accelerate science and engineering.

OCI is interested in developing a portfolio of software that best contributes to an integrated, advanced and sustainable cyberinfrastructure, which will further the research and education mission of NSF, and which leverages and extends the capabilities of major existing NSF investments.

In the context of the SI2 competition, OCI is interested in funding reusable software elements to support computational and data-enabled science and engineering through both the Scientific Software Elements (SSE) and Scientific Software Integration (SSI) categories that advance research in areas of priority across the National Science Foundation. Software in the areas of data and visualization, high performance computing and computation, and frameworks and programming environments at the SSE and SSI levels are of particular interest to OCI for the FY2011 competition.

Given the focused and crosscutting nature of the SI2 program, proposers should contact the cognizant program officers to ascertain that the scientific focus of the proposed research and the budget of the proposed effort are appropriate for this solicitation.

Questions related to the SI2 program and the FY 2011 SI2 solicitation should be directed to the SI2 working group (see by sending email to