This figure illustrates the connections between Discovery, Innovation, and Application and positions the programs of the Division in that cycle.

Figure 1. DRL Cycle of Innovation and Learning

DRL Cycle of Discovery, Innovation and Application

ITEST,DR-K12,ISE,REESE - implement innovations; study why interventions have the impacts they have, with particular groups

REESE, DR-K12, ISE, ITEST - scale up and study effectiveness

REESE, DR-K12, ISE, ITEST - synthesize lines of work; identify new insights and questions to inform new research and development; set research and development agendas

REESE, DR-K12, ISE, ITEST - study and clarify phenomena of interest; frame issues; operationalize goals and constructs; develop and propose theory teaching and learning; basic research on learning

DRK12, ISE, ITEST, REESE - design develop, test, validate, and refine materials, measurement tools, and methods, in specific contexts


This figure appears in NSF 09-506, Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST)