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FY 2011 Agency Financial Report

Table of Contents

NSF Mission and Vision Statement/About the Cover (106 kb)
About this Report (102 kb)
Table of Contents (76 kb)
A Message from the Director (273 kb)

I. Management's Discussion and Analysis (1.68 MB)
    Agency Overview
        Mission and Vision
        Achieving the NSF Mission
        Organizational Structure
        Management Challenges
        Future Challenges and Opportunities
        Government Performance and Results Act
        Recovery Act Performance Results
        Workload and Management Trends
    Financial Discussion and Analysis
        Understanding the Financial Statements
        Limitations of the Financial Statements
        Other Financial Reporting Information
    Systems, Controls, and Legal Compliance
        Management Assurances
        Statement of Assurance
        Improper Payments Elimination Recovery Act of 2010
        Financial System Strategy

II. Financials (1.60 MB)
     A Message from the Chief Financial Officer
     Independent Auditor's Report and Management's Response
     Financial Statements and Notes
        Principal Financial Statements
        Notes to the Principal Financial Statements
        Required Supplementary Stewardship Information
               Stewardship Investments
        Required Supplementary Information
               Deferred Maintenance
               Budgetary Resources by Major Budgetary Accounts

III. Appendices (1.02 MB)
     1. Summary of NSF FY 2011 Financial Statement Audit and
         Management Assurances
         A. Table 1. Summary of Financial Statement Audit
         B. Table 2. Summary of Management Assurances
     2. Improper Payments Information Act (IPIA) Reporting
     3. Management Challenges
         A. Inspector General Memorandum on FY 2012
             Management Challenges
         B. NSF Response and FY 2011 Management Challenges Report
     4. Undisbursed Balances in Expired Grant Accounts
     5. Patents and Inventions
     6. Acronyms

Entire Report pdf entire report (7.36 MB)

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