This figure illustrates the submission and review processes for FY 2013 INSPIRE Track 1 letters of intent and full proposals, and for Director’s INSPIRE Award full proposals.

INSPIRE Track 1 and Director Award, Fiscal Year 2013

The processing of INSPIRE Track 1 and Director's INSPIRE Award funding requests, from submission to review to award, is illustrated from a proposer's viewpoint in this figure. The process begins with a letter of intent that is reviewed internally, resulting in a decision by NSF as to whether to invite a full Track 1 proposal. Of the invitees who are single investigators, some will be nominated for Director's Awards, for which a full Track 1 proposal with additional supplementary documents is to be submitted. Full Track 1 proposals will generally be reviewed internally, with further external blue-ribbon panel review for the Director's Award candidate proposals. On the basis of the review, NSF will decide on Track 1 awards, Director's INSPIRE Awards, and declines.

This figure appears in NSF 13-040  Frequently Asked Questions for NSF 13-518, INSPIRE