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NSF 14-047

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Campus Cyberinfrastructure - Infrastructure, Innovation and Engineering Program (CC*IIE) (NSF 14-521)

  1. What does the requirement for a Campus Cyber-Infrastructure plan mean for proposals in Area 6, "Regional Coordination and Partnership in Advanced Networking?"
  2. NSF expects that proposals submitted to this area will have as their CI plan a roadmap and vision for the cyber-infrastructure connecting and supporting the region's institutions. NSF expects that those regional entities will have strong ties to the institutions that they serve and that the Regional CI plan will reflect the shared infrastructure needs of those institutions. For example, the CI plan for a regional entity might include material on the present and expected future computing and communication needs of the institutions being served by the regional and how these needs will be reflected in a plan for an evolving regional CI.

  3. Who can submit a proposal to the "Network Design and Implementation for the Small Institutions" area?
  4. Universities and colleges are eligible to submit proposals in this area. NSF expects the proposal to reflect their institution's fundamental challenges in research and education (r&e) networking and how, as a small institution, they are under-resourced in this area.