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NSF 14-126

Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) - Intent to support an Ideas Lab on multiscale integration of brain activity and structure with brain function using predictive theoretical models and innovative experimental methodology

Date: September 29, 2014

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is a partner in President Obama’s “Brain Research Accelerated by Innovative Neurotechnologies” (“BRAIN”) Initiative. As part of the BRAIN Initiative, NSF intends to support an Ideas Lab, an intensive workshop focused on finding innovative solutions to Grand Challenge problems in FY2015. The goal of the activity is to assemble a diverse group of researchers from multiple disciplines to facilitate the generation and execution of innovative research projects aimed at understanding key aspects of brain function. The broad theme of this activity is anticipated to involve multi-scale integration of the dynamic activity and structure of the brain, with special emphasis on linking the dynamics of brain and neural circuits with brain function, using predictive theoretical frameworks and innovative experimental methodology. The Biological Sciences Directorate (BIO) and the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Directorate (MPS) are currently preparing the program solicitation.

This notice does not constitute a solicitation; therefore, no award of any kind will result from this notice.

Sources of additional information:
NSF BRAIN Initiative (

Jane Silverthorne
Acting Assistant Director for Biological Sciences

F. Fleming Crim
Assistant Director for Mathematical and Physical Sciences
National Science Foundation