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NSF 17-027

Dear Colleague Letter: Further Strengthening Research Capacity at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

This document has been archived.

November 4, 2016

Dear Colleagues:

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are a vital asset to the Nation contributing significantly to the education of African American and other students. HBCUs also contribute to the research enterprise consistent with the National Science Foundation’s mission “to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; and to secure the national defense.” With this Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) in FY 2017, NSF builds on the success of DCL 16-080, which resulted in the award of numerous excellent research proposals to further strengthen the research capacity at HBCUs.

A recent report by the Subcommittee on Advancing Historically Black Colleges and Universities of the Advisory Committee of NSF's Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) recommended a focus on improving research capacity at HBCUs so that individual investigators would be more successful in receiving funding from NSF’s Research and Related Activities (R&RA) directorates. NSF invites researchers at HBCUs to submit research proposals to its over 300 programs.

Prospective principal investigators are encouraged to contact one of the program officer representatives listed below from each of NSF’s R&RA directorates to inquire as to which program to apply to and which cognizant program officer to contact. Submission deadlines vary by directorate, division and program.

Proposals should be prepared and submitted in accordance with the guidance in the NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide, Part I: Grant Proposal Guide (PAPPG) available at and any applicable solicitation-specific instructions.

Contact information for representatives from NSF’s R&RA directorates is as follows:

BIO:   Casonya Johnson

           Emelia Martins

           Christopher Meyer

CISE:  Kamau Bobb

ENG:   James Moore

            Eduardo Misawa

GEO:   Brandon Jones

            Lina Patino

MPS:   Kathleen McCloud

            Guebre X. Tessema

SBE:    Holly Hapke

            Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong

NSF also funds conferences, EArly-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER), grants for Rapid Response Research (RAPID), and supplements to existing awards. Such proposals must be submitted in accordance with the guidelines in the PAPPG.

To ensure proper processing, please begin titles of proposals submitted pursuant to this DCL with: DCL: HBCU


James L. Olds, Assistant Director
Biological Science

Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Assistant Director
Education and Human Resources
James Kurose, Assistant Director
Computer and Information Science
and Engineering
Grace Wang, Acting Assistant Director
Roger Wakimoto, Assistant Director
Fay Cook, Assistant Director
Social Behavior & Economical Sciences
F. Fleming Crim, Assistant Director
Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Suzanne C. Iacono, Head
Office of Integrative Activities