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NSF 17-034

Dear Colleague Letter: Nominations for Participation on "Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board" (OOIFB).

This document has been archived.

November 28, 2016

Dear Colleagues:

The Division of Ocean Sciences (OCE) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) requests nominations, including self-nominations, for inaugural Members to serve on the newly established “Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board” (OOIFB). The OOIFB will provide independent input and guidance regarding the management and operation of the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). All such input and guidance will be communicated both to the OOI Operator and NSF.

This DCL is part of how NSF is addressing the National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences (NRC/NAS) report “Sea Change: A Decadal Survey of Ocean Sciences, 2015-2025”that was published in late January 2015. NSF’s formal “reply” to Sea Change in May, 2015, in part stated: “As OOI moves beyond construction and into operations, NSF intends to work with the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) Ocean Observing Science Committee and the community to develop an independent and robust advisory structure that will serve the needs of OOI operation and maintenance, engage and grow the research community working on OOI-based science, and serve as the public face of OOI to the national and international community at large.”

The establishment and populating of the OOIFB fulfills key aspects of NSF’s reply to Sea Change. The Terms of Reference of the OOIFB includes details regarding its general purpose, mandate, membership, meetings, and other information. The first meeting of the OOIFB is anticipated to be in Spring 2017.

This DCL requests nominations or self-nominations to fill the positions described in the Terms of Reference as: “Seven non-conflicted scientists, one of whom will be Chair, from the oceanographic community.” Written nominations or self-nominations should clearly identify whether the nomination is for a member, for the chair, or either position. Please refer to the Terms of Reference for further descriptions.

Separate solicitations will be forthcoming regarding the management and operation of the OOI, and for the OOIFB Administrative Support Office that is described in the Terms of Reference.

Please submit written nominations or self-nominations by January 3, 2017. Nominations or self-nominations, along with questions and comments if desired, should be submitted in electronic form, via e-mail, to the contacts listed below. A complete nomination or self-nomination will include a cover letter and curriculum vitae.

Richard W. Murray
Division Director
Division of Ocean Sciences

Bauke H. Houtman
Section Head
Integrative Programs
Division of Ocean Sciences

Lisa Clough
Section Head
Ocean Section
Division of Ocean Sciences


Roger M. Wakimoto
Assistant Director
Directorate for Geosciences

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