The FDP Terms and Conditions are modified as follows:

Agency Contacts and Addresses.

a. The "designated representative" cited in Articles 1 and 3 is:

b. The "awarding agency official" is:

c. The name of the assigned NASA Technical Officer appears on the face of each award.

d. The "FMO" is the Financial Management Office at the Center that made the award.

e. The address for reports submitted to CASI is:

Article 4. Payment.

Article 6. Non-Competitive or Continuation Award Requirements.

Article 7. Financial Reports.

Paragraph (a) does not apply to NASA. Submit the SF272 to the FMO within 15 working days following the end of each Federal fiscal quarter.

Article 15. Equipment and Real Property.

Grant funds shall not be used to procure passenger carrying vehicles.

The annual Inventory Report of Government-owned property required by OMB Circular A-110 shall be prepared as of September 30 and submitted to the Center Deputy Chief Financial Officer (Finance) no later than October 31.

Article 21. Unobligated Balances and Limit of Federal Liability.

Paragraph (b) does not apply to NASA. If uncommitted carry over funds are likely to be substantial, the estimated amount shall be included in any continuation proposal.

Article 22. Patents and Inventions.

The NASA regulation applicable to paragraph (e)(2) of the clause is at 14 CFR 1245.2, Licensing of NASA Inventions, paragraph 1245.210.

The following item is added to paragraph (f) of the clause:

The NASA implementing regulations for paragraph (g)(2) of the clause is at 48 CFR 1827.373(b) (NASA FAR Supplement paragraph 18-27.373(b).

The following requirement constitutes paragraph (l) of the clause:

Article 25. National Security.

Initial submission of information (subpart d(1)) shall be to the NASA Grants Officer.

Article 26. Nondiscrimination.

NASA's implementing regulations appear at 14 CFR Parts 1250, 1251, and 1252.

Article 27. Animal Welfare.

Requirements established by NASA appear at 14 CFR Part 1232.

Article 30. Human Subjects.

Agency requirements are contained in NASA Management Instruction (NMI) 7100.8, "Protection of Human Research Subjects." For a copy of the NMI, contact the Office of Life & Microgravity Sciences & Applications, Code U, NASA, Washington DC, 20546.

Article 32. Debarred or Suspended Parties.

NASA's debarment and suspension and drug-free workplace regulations appear at 14 CFR Part 1265.

Statutory Article 1. Consultants.

Payments to individuals for consultant services under a NASA Grant or Cooperative Agreement shall not exceed the daily equivalent of the maximum rate paid for a Level IV of the Executive Schedule, exclusive of expenses and indirect costs.

Statutory Article 2. Restrictions on Lobbying.

NASA's implementing regulations appear at 14 CFR Part 1271.