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Note: A new version of this document applies to all proposals submitted or due on or after January 30, 2023. Learn more about the PAPPG

National Science Foundation
Significant Changes and Clarifications
PAPPG - Introduction
A. About the NSF
B. Foreword
C. Acronym List
D. Definitions
E. NSF Organizations
F. NSF Electronic Capabilities Modernization Status
Table of Contents
Part I: Proposal Preparation and Submission Guidelines
I. Pre-Submission Information
II. Proposal Preparation Instructions
III. NSF Proposal Processing and Review
IV. Non-Award Decisions and Transactions
V. Renewal Proposals
Part II: Award, Administration and Monitoring of Grants and Cooperative Agreements
VI. NSF Awards
VII. Grant Administration
VIII. Financial Requirements and Payments
IX. Grantee Standards
X. Allowability of Costs
XI. Other Post Award Requirements and Considerations
XII. Grant Administration Disputes and Misconduct
Subject Index
Privacy Act and Public Burden Statements

NSF 18-1 January 29, 2018
Subject Index



Absence (Disengagement) of Principal Investigator/Project Director or co-PI/co-PD VII.B.2
Acceptance of Assistance Agreements VI.A
Accomplishment-Based Renewal II.C.2.d(vi), V.B
Acknowledgment and Disclaimer XI.E.4
Acquisition Cost of Equipment II.C.2.g(iii)
Additional Funding Support VI.E, X.A.2, X.D.1
Addition of co-PI/ co-PD VII.B.2.c
Administrative and Clerical Salaries and Wages II.C.2.g(i)(b), X.B.2
Advance Payments VIII.C, VIII.D
Advanced Visualization Resources II.D.7
Age Discrimination Exhibit II-6, XI.A.5
Alcoholic Beverages II.C.2.g(xiii)(c)
Allowability of Costs II.C.2.g, Chapter X
Alterations and Rearrangements X.C.1, XI.C,
Animal Welfare II.C.2.j, II.D.4, XI.B.3
Annual Project Report VI.E.3, VII.D.1, XI.H.2.c
Antarctic Proposals I.E.7, II.C.2.j
Anthropogenic Disasters I.F.2, II.E.1
Anti-discrimination Statutes II.C.1.d, Exhibit II-6, XI.A
Appeal Process for Proposals Declined for Financial or Administrative Reasons III.F.2
Appeals III.F.2, Chapter XII
Appendices II.C.2.k
Applicable Credits VIII.D.4, VIII.D.5
Appointments II.C.2.f, II.C.2.g(i)(a)
Approvals, Requests for NSF X.A.3
Audits VII.E
Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) I.D.2, I.G.2, II.C.1.d, III.C, III.D, IV.A, VII.A.2
Award Abstract III.E
Award Cash Management Service Chapter VIII
Award Conditions VI.C
Award Instrument VI.B
Award Recommendations III.E, Exhibit III-1
Awardee Organization II.C.2.a


Bayh-Dole Act XI.D.1
Beginning Investigator II.C.2.a(iv)(a), II.D.2
Biographical Sketch(es) II.C.2.f, II.D.3.b, Exhibit II-1
Biological Sciences Directorate Duplicate Proposal Policy II.D.2
Bonding and Insurance XI.C.2
Broader Impacts II.C.2.b, II.C.2.d, II.C.2.i, II.C.2.j, III.A
Budget II.C.2.g
Budget Changes VII.B.3, VII.C
Business Officer VIII.B.2
Buy American and Hire American XI.M.4



Center Proposal II.E.10

Certifications I.G.2, II.C.1, II.C.1d

  • Grant Budget VI.B.1.c, VII.B.3, VII.C

  • Grant Periods VI.D

  • Grantee Notifications to and Requests for Approval from the National Science Foundation Chapter VII

  • Project Direction or Management VII.B

  • Objectives, Scope, or Methods/Procedures VII.B.1

  • Principal Investigator/Project Director VII.B.2

Charter Flights XI.F.2
Classified Research XI.L
Clerical (Administrative & Clerical Salaries & Wages) II.C.2.g(i)(b), X.B.2
Civil Rights Act of 1964 Exhibit II-6, XI.A.2
Closeout VII.D.5, VIII.E.2
Closure of NSF I.F
Co-Editors II.C.1.e
Coffee Breaks and Meals II.C.2.g(xiii)(b), X.C.5
Collaborative Arrangements II.C.2.g(vi)(e), II.C.2.j, II.D.3
Collaborative Proposals II.D.3, IV.A
  • Submission of a collaborative proposal from one organization II.D.3.a
  • Submission of a collaborative proposal from multiple organizations II.D.3.b

Collaborators II.C.1.e, II.D.3.b
Collaborators and Other Affiliations Information II.C.1.e
Colleges I.E.1, II.C.2.g(i)(a), II.C.2.g(viii)
Common Rule for the Protection of Human Subjects II.D.5
Compensation for Personal Services X.B.1
Compliance, Environmental II.C.2.j, XI.K
Computer Services II.C.2.g(vi), II.C.2.g(vi)(d)
Computing Devices II.C.2.g(vi)(a)
Conferences I.B, II.C.2.g(iv), II.C.2.j, II.E.7, II.E.9
Confidential Budgetary Information II.C.1.c, II.C.2.g(i)(d), II.D.1
Conflict of Interest Policies IX.A
Conflicting Guidelines X.A.1
Conflicts of Interest (COI) I.D.1, II.C.1.d, II.C.1.e
Construction, Rearrangements and Reconversions Exhibit II-2, X.C.1, XI.C
Consultant Services II.C.2.g(vi), X.B.3
Continuing Grant VI.E.3
Contracts under Grants (Subawards) II.C.2.g(vi)(e), Exhibit II-5, VII.B.3
Contributions VIII.D
Cooperative Agreements I.C.4, I.H, Exhibit II-5, III.F, Chapter VI
Copies of Reviews III.G, IV.A, IV.C, IV.D.3
Copyright XI.D.2
Copyrightable Material Clause XI.D.2.b
Cost Principles II.C.2.g, Chapter X
Cost Sharing II.C.2g(xii), II.C.2.i, VII.C
Costs, Visa II.C.2.g(vi)(f), X.C.4, XI.F.4
Cover Sheet I.D.2, I.F.2, I.G.2, II.A, II.C.1.d, II.C.2.a, II.D, Exhibit II-1
Credits VIII.D
Current and Pending Support II.C.2.h, II.D.3.b, Exhibit II-1
Curriculum Development Projects XI.M.2


Data Collection XI.H.1
Data Management Plans II.C.2.d(i), II.C.2.j, II.D.3.b, II.E.7, II.E.8, II.E.9
Data Rights XI.D
Data Storage II.D.7
Data Universal Identifier Number (DUNS) I.G.3, II.C.2.a
Davis-Bacon Act XI.C.1
Deadline Dates I.F.2
Dear Colleague Letters I.C.1
Debarment and Suspension II.C.1.d, Exhibit II-4, XII.A, XII.C.1.d
Declination of Proposal III.E, III.F, IV.C, IV.D
Decline for Financial or Administrative Reasons III.F
Definitions of Categories of Personnel Exhibit II-7
Delays VII.B.1.c
Delinquent Reports VII.D.4
Dependent Care Travel Costs II.C.2.g(iv)(a), X.C.5
Deviation Authorization I.F, II.A, II.C.2.d, II.C.2.k, Exhibit II-1
Direct Costs II.C.2.g, X.B, X.C
Disability Regulations Exhibit II-6, XI.A
Disasters (Natural or anthropogenic) I.F.2, II.E.1
Disbursements VIII.B.4, VIII.E
Disclaimer XI.E.4
Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (SF LLL) II.C.1.d, Exhibit II-1, Exhibit II-5
Discrimination II.C.1.d, Exhibit II-6, XI.A
Disputes Resolution XII.B
Dissemination Costs II.C.2.g(vi)(b)
Dissemination of Research Results II.C.2.d, II.C.2.g(vi)(b), XI.D.4, XI.E, XI.H.2.c
Distribution of Grant Materials XI.E
DNA Guidelines XI.B.2
Documentation Costs II.C.2.g(vi)(b), X.A.2.c, XI.E.2
Domestic Travel II.C.2.g(iv)(b), X.C.5
Dual Use Research of Concern II.C.1.d, II.D.6, XI.B.5
Duration Information II.C.2.a


EArly-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) II.E.2
Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) Exhibit II-6, XI.A.4
Effective Date VI.D.3.a
Electronic Submission - Financial I.G.1, II.B, II.C, VIII.B.5, VIII.C.6, VIII.E
Electronic Submission Requirements I.A, I.B, I.D, I.G.1, II.B, II.C, VII.A.2
Encourage/Discourage Decisions I.D.2.b, IV.D.2.a
End Date VI.D.1.b, VI.D.3.b
Endangered Species II.C.2.j
Entertainment Costs II.C.2.g(xiii)(a), II.E.7
Environmental Compliance II.C.2.j, XI.K
Environmental Impact II.C.2.j, XI.K
Equal Employment Opportunity XI.A.1.b, XI.A.6

Erroneous Payments VIII.D.2
Excess Government Personal Property IX.D.5
Executive Order
  • 12372, Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs II.C.2.j, XI.G
  • 12770, Metric Usage in Federal Government Programs I.D.3, XI.M.3
  • 13788, Buy American and Hire American XI.M.4
Expendable Personal Property II.C.2.g(vi)(a), IX.D

Experimental Curriculum XI.M.2
Expiration Date VI.D.1.b, VI.D.3.b
Extension of Grant Period VI.D.3.c


Facilitation Award for Scientists and Engineers with Disabilities (FASED) II.C.2, II.C.2.j, II.E.6
Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A) II.C.2.g(v), II.C.2.g(vi), II.C.2.g(viii), II.C.2.g(ix), III.D, X.D
Facilities Capital Cost of Money X.D.1.b(iii)
Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources II.C.2.i, II.D.3.b, Exhibit II-1
Faculty Associate, Definition Exhibit II-7
FastLane System I.A, I.G.1, II.B, II.C, IV.A, Chapter V
Federal Acquisition Regulation II.C.2.g, X.A
Federal Agencies I.E.7, I.H, II.D.2
Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS) III.F, XII.A.2.a(vi)
Federal Cost Principles (now consolidated in 2 CFR 200, Subpart E) II.C.2.g, Chapter X
Federal Emergency Management Agency II.C.1.d
Federal Financial Reports VII.D, VIII.E
Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) I.G.3
Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) I.E.7
Federal-Wide Assurance (FWA) II.D.5
Fee Payments II.C.2.g(x), V.E
Fellowships II.D.2, II.D.4, IV.D.2, VII.D.1, VII.D.2, XI.D.3.b(ii)
Final Disbursement Reporting VIII.E
Final Project Report II.D.2, XI.H.2.c
Final Technical Information Items VII.D
Financial Disclosure II.C.1.d, Exhibit II-2, IX.A
Financial Management System Standards VIII.A, IX.C
Fiscal Reports VIII.E
Fixed Amount Award VI.D
Flood Insurance II.C.1.d
Fonts II.B, Exhibit II-1
Foreign Organizations I.E.6, II.C.2.g(viii), II.D.4, XI.B.3.b(iv)
Foreign Projects II.C.2.a(4)(i), II.C.2.j, II.D.4, XI.B.3.b(iv), XI.B.4, XI.D.1, XI.D.3.c, XI.F.3
Foreign Travel II.C.2.g(iv)(c), XI.F
Foreign-Flag Air Carriers XI.F
For-profit Organizations I.E.3, IX.D.1.b
Freedom of Information Act XI.H.2.b
Fringe Benefits II.C.2.g(ii), III.D, X.B.1.b
Full Proposal I.D.1, II.C.2, IV.B
Funding Opportunities I.A, I.B, I.C, II.C.2.a
Funding Recommendations Chapter III, Exhibit III-1


General Purpose Equipment II.C.2.g(iii), IX.D.2.b
Government-Owned Equipment IX.D, Exhibit II-1
Graduate Advisors II.C.1.e, Exhibit II-2
Graduate Students I.E, II.C.2.g(i)(c), Exhibit II-7, Chapter V


Grants and Agreements, Division of I.H, III.F
Grants.gov I.A, I.G.1, II.A, II.B, II.C.2, IV.B, IV.D.2
Group Proposals II.C.2.d(v)


Hazardous Materials II.C.2.j
High Performance Computing Resources II.D.7
Higher Education, Institutions of I.E.1
Hire American, Buy American and XI.M.4
Historic Places II.C.2.a, II.C.2.j, XI.J
Human Subjects II.C.2.a, II.C.2.g(vi), II.C.2.j, II.D.5, XI.B.1


Ideas Lab II.E.5
Income VIII.D.4, XI.D.2.a
Indirect Costs II.C.2.g(v), II.C.2.g(viii), II.C.2.g(ix), III.D, X.D
Informal Resolution of Grant Administration Disputes XII.B
Information About Principal Investigators/Project Directors and co-Principal Investigators/co-Project Directors II.C.2.a, Exhibit II-1
Information Release XI.H.2
In-Kind Contributions II.C.2.g(xii), VII.C.2
Inspector General, Office of XII.C
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee II.D.4
Institutional Review Board II.D.5, XI.B.1
Institutions of Higher Education I.E.1
Instrumentation and Facilities Guidelines IX.D.3
Insurance II.C.1.d, XI.C.2
Intangible Property XI.D
Intellectual Merit II.C.1.d, II.C.2.b, II.C.2.d, II.C.2.i, II.C.2.j, Exhibit II-1 III.A, III.B
Intellectual Property XI.D
Interest VIII.D.3
Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs II.C.2.j, XI.G
Intra-University Consulting X.B.3
Inventions and Patents XI.D.1
Investigator Financial Disclosure II.C.1.d, Exhibit II-2, X.A
Invite/Not Invite Decisions I.D.2.a


Large Facilities Projects II.E.11
Leased Facilities and Equipment X.C.3
Leave, Sabbatical V.B.2.a
Letters of Collaboration II.C.2.d(iv), II.C.2.j
Letters of Intent I.C.4, I.D.1
Letters of Support II.C.2.j
Liabilities and Losses XI.M.1
License Rights XI.D.1
Limited English Proficiency (LEP) XI.A.7
List of Suggested Reviewers or Reviewers Not to Include II.C.1.b, Exhibit II-1
Living Organisms XI.B

Local Governments I.E.4
Long-Term Disengagement of PI/PD VII.B.2.a


Major Research Facilities II.D.7, II.E.11
"March-in" Rights XI.D.1.c
Margin and Spacing Requirements II.B, Exhibit II-1
Materials and Supplies II.C.2.g(vi)(a), IX.D
Maximum Obligation of NSF X.A.2.a
Meals and Coffee Breaks II.C.2.g(xiii)(b), X.C.5
Meetings and Conferences I.B, II.C.2.g(iv), II.C.2.g(v), II.C.2.j, II.E.7, II.E.9, X.C.5
Mentoring II.C.2.j, II.D.3, Exhibit II-1, VI.E.4.f
Merit Review Criteria I.C, I.D.3, II.C.2.b, II.C.2.d, Chapter III.A, VI.E.4
Merit Review Principles Chapter III
Methods/Procedures, Changes in VII.B.1.b
Metric Conversion Act of 1975 I.D.3, XI.M.3
Minority-Owned Business II.C.2.a
Misconduct in Science I.D.3, XII.C


National Center for Atmospheric Research II.D.7
National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 II.C.2.j, XI.K
National Flood Insurance Act II.C.1.d
National Register of Historic Places II.C.2.a, II.C.2.j, XI.J
National Science Board I.C.2, I.C.3, II.C.2.g(xii), III.A, III.B, IV.D.1, Chapter V, XI.D.1, XI.H.2
National Science Foundation

National Security XI.L
Natural Disasters I.F, II.E.1
New Awardee Chapter II
News Release X.C.2, XI.H.2
No-Cost Extension VI.D.3.c
Non-academic Organization I.E.2, II.C.2.g(i)(a), Chapter V, Chapter VIII
Non-award Decisions and Transactions Chapter IV
Non-Discrimination Statutes and Regulations II.C.1.d, Exhibit II-6, XI.A
Non-profit Organization I.E.2, II.E.9, VII.E, Chapter VIII, IX.D.1.a, XI.D.1.a
Notifications to NSF Chapter VII
NSF ID I.G.4, II.C.2.a
NSF Prospective New Awardee Guide Chapter II
NSF Unit of Consideration II.C.2.a
NSF Update I.B
NSF-Use Only II.C.1


Objectives, Changes in VII.B.1.a
Obligations VIII.B.7
Off-Campus (Off Site) Activities II.C.2.a.1, II.D.4.d, XI.B.3(iv)
Office of Inspector General (NSF) XII.C
Open Government Legislation XI.H.2.b
Other Direct Costs II.C.2.g(vi), X.B
Other Personnel II.C.2.f(ii), Exhibit II-7
Other Professional, Definition Exhibit II-7
Outlays VIII.B.4
Overhead II.C.2.g(v), II.C.2.g(viii), II.C.2.g(ix), III.D, X.D


Page Formatting Instructions II.B
Page Limitations II.C, II.E, Exhibit II-1, III.D, IV.B, IV.D.2, V.A, V.B
Pagination Instructions II.B
Participant Support II.C.2.g(v), II.E.7
Passports and Visas X.C.4, XI.F.4
Patent Rights Clause XI.D.1.c
Patents and Inventions XI.D.1
Payments VIII.B.9, VIII.C
Permits XI.B.4
Person Months II.C.2.g(i)(c), II.C.2.h, VII.B.2
Personnel, Definitions Exhibit II-7
PI/PD (co-PI/co-PD)

Postdoctoral Associate II.C.2.f(ii)
Postdoctoral Scholar Exhibit II-7
Postdoctoral Sponsor II.C.1.e
Post-Expiration Costs X.A.2.c
Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor II.C.1.e
Potentially Disqualifying Conflicts of Interest Exhibit II-2
Pre-Award Costs X.A.2.b
Pre-Award Financial and Administrative Reviews III.F.1
Pre-College Students XI.M.2
Preliminary Proposals I.C.4, I.D.2
Preservation of Historic Places II.C.2.a, II.C.2.j, XI.J
Press Releases X.C.2, XI.H.2.a
Previous NSF Award II.C.2.a(4)(e)
Principal Investigator (PI) II.C.2.a(4)(d), Exhibit II-7
Principles, Federal Cost (now consolidated in 2 CFR 200, Subpart E) II.C.2.g, Chapter X
Prior NSF Approval Chapter VII, X.A.3.b
Privileged Information II.C.1.c, II.C.2.g(i)(d), II.D, III.H, XI.H.2.c
Procurement Standards IX.E
Products II.C.2.f(i)(c)
Professional Preparation II.C.2.f(i)(a)
Professional Service Costs II.C.2.g(vi)(c)
Program Announcements I.C.3
Program Descriptions I.C.2
Program Income VIII.D.4
Program Solicitations I.C.4
Project Descriptions II.C.2.d, II.C.2.e, II.C.2.j, II.D.3.b, II.E, Exhibit II-1
Project Income VIII.D.4
Project Performance VII.A
Project/Performance Site Primary Location II.C.2.a
Project Reports VII.D
Project Summary II.C.2.b, Exhibit II-1

Proprietary Information II.C.1.d, II.C.2.g(i)(d), II.C.1.d, Exhibit II-1, III.H, XI.H.2.c
Prospective New Awardee Guide Chapter II
Provisional Rate X.D.1
Public Access Policy XI.D.2.c, XI.E.1, XI.E.4
Publication(s) II.C.2.d(iii), II.C.2.f(i)(c), II.C.2.g(vi)(b), XI.D.4, XI.E, XI.H.2


Questionnaires XI.H.1


Rapid Response Research Grants (RAPID) II.E.1
Rearrangements and Reconversions X.C.1, XI.C
Rebudgeting X.A.3, X.B.2
Recombinant DNA XI.B.2
Recompetition Chapter V
Reconsideration of Proposals IV.D
Records Retention VII.E
References Cited II.C.2.e, II.D.3.b, Exhibit II-1
Refunds to NSF VIII.D
Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Exhibit II-6, XI.A.3
Reimbursements III.C.4, III.C.5
Release of Grantee Proposal Information III.H
Release of Information XI.H.2
Renewed Support II.C.2.a(4)(e), II.C.2.d(vi), VI.E.2

  • Accomplishment-Based Renewal V.B
  • Traditional Renewal V.A
Rental or Lease of Facilities/Equipment X.C.3
Reporting Requirements VII.D.3, III.E, XII.C.3

Request for Advance or Reimbursement VIII.C
Research Advanced by Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (RAISE) II.E.3
  • Final Disbursement Reporting VIII.E
  • Final Project VII.D.2, XI.H.2.c
  • Project Outcomes Report for the General Public VII.D.3
  • Technical Information Items VII.D.3

  • Request for Advance or Reimbursement VIII.C
    Research Advanced by Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (RAISE) II.E.3
    Research Assistant, Definition Exhibit II-7
    Research Equipment II.C.2.g(iii), II.C.2.i, II.E.8, II.E.11, IX.D
    Research Experiences for Undergraduates II.C.2.j
    Research Infrastructure Proposal II.E.11
    Research in Undergraduate Institutions II.C.2.j
    Research Involving Wildlife II.D.4, X.B.3
    Research Misconduct I.D.3, XII.C
    Research Opportunity Awards II.C.2.j
    Residual Funds VI.E.2
    Resolution of Grant Administration Disputes XII.B
    Responsible Conduct of Research II.C.1.d, IX.B
    Resubmission of Proposal IV.E
    Results from Prior NSF Support II.C.2.d, Exhibit II-1, Chapter V
    Return without Review II.A, II.B, II.C, Exhibit II-1, Exhibit III-1, IV.B, IV.D.2, IV.E
    Review Criteria I.D.3, Exhibit II-1, Chapter III
    Reviews, Copies of III.G, IV.A, IV.C, IV.D.3
    Revisions to Proposals (Made During the Review Process) III.D
    Revocation XII.A
    Rights in Data and Software XI.D
    Risk Management Framework III.F
    Royalties under Grants XI.D


    Sabbatical Leave VII.B.2.a
    Salaries and Wages II.C.2.g(i), X.B

    Scope, Change in VII.B.1.a
    Security, National XI.L
    Seismic Safety XI.C.3
    Selection of Reviewers II.C.1.b, III.B
    Senior Personnel II.C.2.f(i), II.C.2.g(i)(a), II.C.2.h, Exhibit II-2, Exhibit II-7
    Sex Discrimination I.E, Exhibit II-6, XI.A.4
    SF LLL, Disclosure of Lobbying Activities II.C.1.d, Exhibit II-1, Exhibit II-5
    Shared Use of Equipment IX.D.2.d, IX.D.3
    Sharing Research Results XI.D.4, XI.E
    Short-Term Absence of PI/PD VII.B.2
    Significant Change, Delay or Event of Unusual Interest VII.B.1.c
    Single Copy Documents II.C.1, Exhibit II-1
    Site Visits VII.A.1.c
    Small Business I.E.3, II.C.2.a(4)(g), IV.D.2.b, IX.D.1.b
    Software Rights XI.D
    Special Exceptions (to Deadline Date Policy) I.F.2
    Special Processing Instructions II.E, Exhibit II-1
    Special Information II.C.2j, Exhibit II-1
    Sponsored Projects Office I.D.2, II.C.2j, IV.A
    Staff Benefits II.C.2.g(vi)(a), IX.D

    Start Date VI.D.3.a
    State Governments I.E.4, II.C.2h
    Students I.E, II.C.2.f(ii), II.C.2.g(i)(c), II.E.6, II.E.7, Exhibit II-1, Exhibit II-7, Chapter V
    Subawards II.C.2.g(vi)(e), II.D.3, Exhibit II-5, Exhibit II-6, VII.B.3, VIII.C.2.b

    Substitute Principal Investigator/Project Director VII.B.2.e
    Sunshine Act XI.H.2.b(ii)
    Supplemental Support II.E.6, VI.E.4
    Supplementary Documentation II.B.2, II.C.2, II.C.2.d, II.C.2.j, Exhibit II-1
    Supplies II.C.2.g(vi)(a), IX.D
    Suspension of Award XII.A
    Synergistic Activities II.C.2.f(i)(d)
    System for Award Management (SAM) I.G.3


    Table of Contents II.C.2, II.C.2.c
    Tangible Property XI.D
    Target Dates I.F
    Tax Status XI.I
    Technical Reporting Requirements VII.D
    Temporary Dependent Care Travel Costs II.C.2.g(iv)(a), II.E.7, X.C.5
    Termination of Award XII.A
    Thesis Advisor II.C.1.e, Exhibit II-2

    Title of Proposed Project I.D.1, II.C.2.a(4)(a)
    Total Direct Costs II.C.2.g(vii)
    Traditional Renewal V.A
    Transfer of

    Travel Allowances
    Types of Proposals II.E
    • Conference II.E.7
    • EArly-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) II.E.2
    • Equipment II.E.8
    • Facilitation Awards for Scientists and Engineers with Disabilities (FASED) II.E.6
    • Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry (GOALI) II.E.4
    • Ideas Lab II.E.5
    • Center II.E.10
    • Rapid Response Research (RAPID) II.E.1
    • Research Advanced by Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (RAISE) II.E.3
    • Research Infrastructure II.E.11
    • Travel II.E.9


    Unaffiliated Individuals I.E.5, IV.D.1
    Unallowable Costs II.C.2.g(xiii)

    Undergraduate Student, Definition Exhibit II-7
    Underrecovery of Indirect Costs II.C.2.g(viii), X.D.1.c
    Unfunded Collaborations II.C.2.d(iv)
    Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) II.C.2.d(ii), II.C.2.f(i)(c)
    Unit of Consideration II.C.2.a(3)
    Universities, Definition I.E.1
    Unliquidated Obligations VIII.B.10
    Unobligated Balance III.B.11, VIII.D.1
    Unused Award Funds VIII.D.1
    US-Flag Air Carriers II.C.2.g(iv)(a), XI.F.1.b


    Vertebrate Animals II.C.2.a(4)(i), II.C.2.j, II.D.4, XI.B.3
    Veterans Administration I.E.7
    Visas X.C.4, XI.F.4
    Visual Materials II.C.2.d(ii)


    Wages II.C.2.g(i), X.B
    Wildlife Research II.D.4, XI.B.3
    Withdrawal of Principal Investigator/Project Director VII.B.2.d
    Withdrawal of Proposal IV.A
    Withholding Payments VIII.C.2.c
    Woman-Owned Business II.C.2.a(4)(g)
    Working Capital Advance VIII.C.5


    XSEDE II.D.7
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