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NSF 08-1 January 2008

GPG Summary of Significant Changes

Chapter I - Pre-Submission Information

  • Section G.3, Registering in the Central Contractor Registration, has been added to instruct potential proposers of the requirement to register in the Central Contractor Registration prior to submitting a proposal to NSF. This requirement also applies to any known subawardees at the time of proposal submission.

Chapter II - Proposal Preparation Instructions

  • Section B.2, Proposal Margin and Spacing Requirements, has updated guidance on fonts that may be used when preparing an NSF proposal.

Chapter III - NSF Proposal Processing and Review

  • Section A, Review Criteria, includes revised language to the intellectual merit review criterion. The criterion now specifically includes evaluation of proposals for potentially transformative concepts.

  • Section F, Review Information Provided to PI, has been added to clarify what review information is available to the PI when a decision has been made on his/her proposal.

Chapter IV - Non-Award Decisions and Transactions

  • Section C, Declinations, , has been revised to provide more information on what is available to a PI if his/her proposal has been declined.