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NSF 09-1 January 2009

AAG Summary of Significant Changes

Overall Document – Internal and external references and links have been updated as necessary, including a link to the new NSF merit review website. References to the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) Terms and Conditions have been superseded by the Research Terms and Conditions. Minor editorial changes have been made throughout the document to either clarify or enhance the intended meaning of a sentence or section.

Chapter II – Exhibit II-1, has been expanded to include references to the appropriate Articles of the Research Terms and Conditions.

Chapter III – has been updated to reflect the use of Federal Financial Reports (FFR) in lieu of Federal Cash Transaction Reports (FCTR). Grantees are required to report the status of funds received from NSF on a quarterly basis through the submission of an FFR.

Chapter V – Section B.1, Salaries, Wages and Fringe Benefits, has undergone a major revision of NSF’s salary reimbursement policy. In general, the Foundation will now limit salary compensation for senior project personnel to no more than two months of their regular salary in any one year. This limit includes salary compensation received from all NSF-funded grants. This change moves away from the concept of summer salary and allows for reimbursement of two months of salary per year whenever appropriate during the year.