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NSF 09-1 January 2009

Subject Index














Absence of Principal Investigator/Project Director II.B.2
Acceptance of Assistance Agreements I.A
Acknowledgment and Disclaimer VI.D.4
Acquisition Cost of Equipment V.B
Additional Funding Support I.E, V.A.2, V.D.2
Advance Payments III.C, III.D
Age Discrimination VI.A.5
Alcoholic Beverages V.C.5j
Allowability of Costs Chapter V
Alterations and Rearrangements V.C.1, VI.C, Exhibit II-1
Animal Welfare VI.B.3
Annual Project Report I.E.3, II.E.1, VI.I.2c
Anti-discrimination Statutes VI.A
Appeals Chapter VII
Applicable Credits III.D.4, III.D.5, VI.F
Approvals, Requests for NSF Exhibit II-1
Audits II.F
Award Conditions I.C
Award Instrument I.B


Banks, Use of Women-Owned and Minority-Owned III.C.7
Bayh-Dole Act VI.D.1
Bonding and Insurance VI.D.2
Budget Changes II.C.2, V.D.3, Exhibit II-1
Business Officer III.B.2



  • Grantee Notifications to and Requests for Approval from the National Science Foundation Exhibit II-1

  • Grant Budget II.C, V.D.2

  • Grant Period I.D

  • Project Direction or Management II.B

  • Objectives, Scope, or Methodology II.B.1

  • Principal Investigator/Project Director II.B.2

Charter Flights VI.G.2
Civil Rights Act of 1964 VI.A.2
Classified Research VI.L
Closeout II.E.5, III.E.2
Coffee Breaks and Meals V.C.5g
Commercial Firms IV.D.1b, V.A.1
Compensation for Personal Services V.B.1
Computer Costs V.B.5
Conferences V.C.5
Conflict of Interest Policies IV.A
Conflicting Guidelines V.A.1c
Construction, Rearrangements and Alterations VI.C
Consultant Services V.B.6, V.C.5f
Continuing Grant I.E.3
Contracts under Grants (Subawards) II.B.3
Contributions II.D
Cooperative Agreements I.C
Copyright VI.D.2
Copyrightable Material Clause VI.D.2b
Cost Principles V.A.1
Cost Sharing II.D
Credits III.D, VI.F
Curriculum Development Projects VI.M.2


Data Collection VI.I.1
Data Rights VI.D.2, VI.D.4
Davis-Bacon Act VI.C.1
Debarment and Suspension VII.A, VII.C.1e
Delays II.B.1c
Delinquent Reports II.E.4
Dependents Travel Costs V.B.4
Direct Costs V.B, V.C
Disability Regulations VI.A
Disbursements III.B.4, III.E
Disclaimer VI.E.4
Discrimination VI.A
Disputes Resolution VII.B
Dissemination of Research Results V.B.7, VI.D.4, VI.E, VI.I.2c
Distribution of Grant Materials VI.E
DNA Guidelines VI.B.2
Documentation Costs V.B.7
Domestic Travel V.B.4


Effective Date I.D.1a
Electronic Submission - Financial III.C.6, III.E.1
Entertainment Costs V.B.5j
Equal Employment Opportunity VI.A.1b, VI.A.6

Erroneous Payments III.D.2
Excess Government Personal Property IV.D.5
Expendable Personal Property V.B.3

Experimental Curriculum VI.M.2
Expiration Date I.D.1b, I.E.3b
Extension of Grant Period I.E.3c


Facilities Capital Cost of Money V.D.1b(iii)
Federal Assistance Award Data System VI.H
Federal Cost Principles V.A
Federal Employees V.B.6c, V.B.8a
Federal Financial Reports II.E.5, III.D, III.E
Fee Payments V.E
Fees, Consultant V.B.6a, V.C.5f
Fellowships V.D.1b, VI.D.3b
Final Disbursement Reporting III.E.2
Final Project Report II.E.2, II.E.3, VII.2c
Final Technical Information Items II.E.3
Financial Disclosure IV.A
Financial Management System Standards III.A, IV.B
Fiscal Reports III.E
Fixed Amount Award I.C.2b, V.D.1a
Foreign Projects VI.B.2d, VI.D.1, VI.D.2b, VI.D.3c, VI.G.3
Foreign Travel V.B.4, VI.G
Foreign-Flag Air Carriers VI.G.3
Freedom of Information Act VI.I.2b
Fringe Benefits V.B.1b

Furniture and Furnishings V.B.2b, V.B.2d


General Purpose Equipment IV.D.2b, V.B.2b, V.B.2d
Government-Owned Equipment IV.D.4, IV.D.5


Greenland VI.G.3
Guidelines, Conflicting V.A.1c


Human Subjects VI.B.1, VI.M.2


Income III.D.4, VI.D.2a, VI.F.
Independent Research and Development V.D.1b
Indirect Costs V.D
Informal Resolution of Grant Administration Disputes VII.B
Information Release VI.I.2
In-Kind Contributions II.D
Inspector General, Office of VII.C
Instrumentation and Facilities Guidelines IV.D3
Insurance VI.E.2
Intangible Property VI.D
Intellectual Property VI.D
Interest III.D.3
Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs VI.H

Intra-University Consulting V.B.6b
Inventions and Patents VI.D.1
Investigator Financial Disclosure IV.A


Leased Facilities and Equipment V.C.3
Leave, Sabbatical V.B.1a
Legal Services V.B.6a
Liabilities and Losses VI.M.1
License Rights VI.D.1
Long-Term Absence of PI/PD II.B.2d
Living Organisms VI.B


"March-in" Rights VI.D.1c
Materials and Supplies V.B.3
Maximum Obligation of NSF V.A.2a
Meals and Coffee Breaks V.B.8b, V.C.5
Meetings and Conferences V.C.5
Merit Review I.E.4
Methodology Changes II.B.1b
Metric Measurements VI.M.3
Minority-Owned Banks III.C.7
Misconduct in Science VII.C
Motor Vehicles V.B.2b


National Register of Historic Places VI.K
National Science Board VI.D.1b, VI.I.2
National Science Foundation:

National Security Exhibit I-1, VI.L
News Release V.C.2, VI.I.2a
No-Cost Extension I.D.3c
Nonexpendable Personal Property V.B.2b
Non-Discrimination Statutes VI.A
Non-profit Organization VI.A.1, VI.D.1c
Notifications to NSF Exhibit II-1


Objectives, Changes in II.B
Obligations III.B.7
Off-Campus (Off Site) Activities V.D.1a
Office Equipment and Furniture V.B.2b, V.B.2d
Office of Inspector General (NSF) VII.C
OMB Circulars II.F, Exhibit I-1
Open Government Legislation VI.I.2b
Outlays III.B.4
Overhead V.D


Page Charges in Scientific Journals V.B.7
Participant Support Costs V.B.8, V.C.5, V.D.1b
Passports and Visas VI.G.4
Patent Rights Clause VI.D.1c
Patents and Inventions VI.D.1
Payments III.B.8, III.C
Per Diem V.B.4, V.B.8b, V.C.5
Permanent Equipment V.B.3
Permits VI.B4
Person Months II.B.2

Post-Expiration Costs V.A.2c
Pre-Award Costs V.A.2b
Pre-College Students VI.M.2
Preservation of Historic Places VI.K
Press Releases V.C.2, VI.I.2a
Principles, Federal Cost V.A.1
Printing-Related Costs V.B.7, V.C.5d
Prior NSF Approval V.A.3b, Exhibit II-1
Procurement Standards IV.C
Program Income III.D.4, VI.F
Project Reports II.E
Project Income III.D.4, VI.F
Project Performance II.A

Proprietary Information VI.I.2c
Provisional Rate, Maximum V.D.1a
Publication V.B.7, V.C.5d, VI.D.3, VI.E, VI.I.2c


Quarterly Disbursement Report III.E.1
Questionnaires VI.I.1


Rearrangements and Alterations V.C.1, VI.C, Exhibit II-1
Rebudgeting II.C, V.D.3, Exhibit II-1
Recombinant DNA VI.B.2
Records Retention II.F
Refunds to NSF III.D
Registration Fees V.B.8a
Regulations, NSF Exhibit I-1
Rehabilitation Act of 1973 VI.A.3
Reimbursements III.C.4
Release of Information VI.I.2
Relocation Costs V.C.4
Renewed Support I.E.2
Rearrangements V.C.1, VI.C
Rental or Lease of Facilities/Equipment V.C.3
Reporting Requirements II.E.3, III.E, VII.C.3

Request for Advance or Reimbursement III.C, Exhibit II-1
Research Equipment V.B.2
Research Terms and Conditions I.C
Residual Funds I.E.2
Resolution of Grant Administration Disputes VII.B
Revocation VII.A
Rights in Data and Software VI.D.4
Royalties Under Grants VI.D


Sabbatical Leave V.B.1a
Salaries and Wages V.B.1
Scope, Change in II.B.1
Security, National VI.L
Seismic Safety VI.C.3
Sex Discrimination VI.A.4
Shared Use of Equipment IV.D.2
Sharing Research Results V.B.7, VI.D.4, VI.E
Short-Term Absence of PI/PD II.B.2c
Significant Change, Delay or Event of Unusual Interest II.B.1c
Site Visits II.A.1
Small Business IV.D.1b, VI.D.1
Software Rights VI.D.4
Special Purpose Equipment V.B.2b, V.B.3
Speaker Fees V.C.5
Staff Benefits V.B.1b

Standard Grant I.E.2
Statutes, Executive Orders and Other Directives Exhibit I-1
Stipends V.B.8b
Subawards, subcontracts II.B.3, III.C.2, VI.D.1c, Exhibit II-1
Subsistence Allowances V.B.8b
Substitute Principal Investigator/Project Director II.B.2g
Summer Salaries V.B.1a
Sunshine Act VI.I.2b
Supplemental Support I.E.4, V.D.1
Supplies IV.D, V.B.3, V.C.5b
Suspension of Award VII.A


Tangible Property VI.D.5
Tax Status VI.J
Technical Reporting Requirements II.E
Termination of Award VII.A

Training Equipment see "Special Purpose Equipment"
Transfer of:

Travel Allowances:

Two-Ninths Rule V.B.1


Underrecovery of Indirect Costs V.D.2
Unliquidated Obligations III.B.10
Unobligated Balance III.B.11, III.D.1
Unused Award Funds III.D.1
U.S.-Flag Air Carriers VI.G.1b


Vendor Express, ACH III.C.6, Exhibit III-1
Vertebrate Animals VI.B.3
Visas VI.G.4


Wages V.B.1
Withdrawal of Principal Investigator/Project Director II.B.2f
Withholding Payments III.C.2c
Women-Owned Banks III.C.7
Working Capital Advance III.C.5