Cultural Anthropology Program History

The NSF Anthropology Program has supported basic research on human socio-cultural behavior and institutions since 1956, under the direction of its program officers and with the guidance of an advisory review panel. There has been a Cultural Anthropology program director since 1978.

Program Directors of the Anthropology (three-field) Program:

Albert Spaulding, 1959-63
Allan Smith, 1963-65
Richard Lieban, 1976-71
John Cornell, 1971-73
Iwao Ishino, 1973-75
Nancie Gonzalez, 1975-77
John Yellen, 1977 –

In 1978 a position for an Associate Program Director for Cultural Anthropology was created.

Cultural Anthropology Associate Program Directors:

Anne Fleuret, 1978-1980
Stephen Brush, 1980-83
Daniel Gross, 1983-85

In 1986 the position of Program Director for Cultural Anthropology was created

Stuart Plattner, 1985–2005
Ray Hames, 1993
Victoria Lockwood, 2000
Deborah Winslow, 2005-

In 2010, a position was created for a second Cultural Anthropology Program Director. Deborah Winslow continued as Program Director but she has been joined by:

Stephen J. Langdon, 2010-2011
Laura Ahearn, 2011-2012
Jeff Mantz, 2012-