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Anne C. Doyle

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Ms. Doyle is the Policy Analyst in the Policy Office, Division of Institution and Award Support, within the Foundation's Office of Budget, Finance, and Award Management. Since assuming that position in June 2006, Anne's primary duties have included coordinating the review and approval of funding opportunity documents and certain other non-funding documents issued by the Foundation. Ms. Doyle is responsible for reviewing each document to ensure compliance with NSF's policies and procedures, as well as applicable administrative, financial, and legal requirements.

Since January of 2005, she has served as the Executive Secretary of the Director's Review Board (DRB), an internal committee drawn from senior NSF management and chaired by the NSF Deputy Director. The DRB is the Director's forum for reviewing recommendations to the National Science Board on a variety of critical NSF awards, actions, and information items and Ms. Doyle is responsible for organizing monthly meetings and coordinating associated pre- and post-meeting activities.

Ms. Doyle began her NSF career as a Grants and Agreements Specialist in the Division of Grants and Agreements, where she worked closely with almost all of the programs at NSF. Since her arrival at NSF, she has been a member of numerous cross-directorate committees and working groups. Outside of formal work responsibilities, Anne is a member of the Board that oversees the NSF Child Development Center.

Prior to joining NSF in June of 1996, Anne was a Grants Specialist at the National Endowment for the Arts (1988-1996). She started her Federal career in 1984 at the U.S. Department of Education as a Management Analyst.

Ms. Doyle has a B.S. in Political Science from James Madison University.