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Staff Directory

Barbara Ransom

Phone: (703) 292-7792
Fax: (703) 292-9085
Room: 725.25 N
Organization:   (OCE)
Title:  Program Director

Program Responsibilities:
Marine Geology and Geophysics (MG&G)


 Research Interests: Managing funding opportunities in the earth and ocean sciences.  Theoretical geochemistry, water-rock interaction, and the thermodynamics of natural systems. Nanogeoscience, clay mineralogy, and microbe-mineral interactions.  Development of novel cyber/computer science solutions to data and model interoperability and development of cyber-enabled tools for automated collection of data.


PhD - University of California, Berkeley - Theoretical Geochemistry

MSc - Louisiana State University - Precambrian Geology, Barberton Mountain Land, South Africa

BSc - Indiana University - Geology

Overseas Posts:

1991-92: U Manchester, Manchester US

1988: U Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg France (6 mo)

1985: ETH, Zurich Switzerland - 1985 (10 months)