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Irina Dolinskaya

(703) 292-7078
W 10235
Division Director (acting)


Dr. Irina Dolinskaya is a Deputy Division Director in the Division of Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF) in the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE).

Prior to becoming a Deputy Division Director, she was a Program Director in the Division of Civil, Mechanical & Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI) in the Directorate for Engineering (ENG). Dr. Dolinskaya serviced Dynamics, Control and Systems Diagnostics (DCSD) and Foundational Research in Robotics (FRR) programs, as well as National Robotics Initiative (NRI 3.0) and Navigating the New Arctic (NNA) NSF's 10 Big Ideas. Prior to joining NSF, Irina Dolinskaya was a faculty in the Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences department at Northwestern University. She obtained M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, and B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Florida.

Dr. Irina Dolinskaya's research is in the field of transportation science and logistics with focus on adaptive modeling and solution approaches to integrate dynamic real-time information. Her current primary applications are in: humanitarian logistics, optimal vessel performance, and electric vehicle routing.