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Jonathan Vincent Williams

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(703) 292-2455
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W 9134
Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Coordinator

Program Responsibilities:
Electromagnetic Spectrum Management (ESM)
Next Era of Wireless and Spectrum (NewSpectrum)


Jonathan Williams is an electronics engineer and astrophysicist, and has almost 20 years leadership expertise in radio spectrum management. He started at NTIA in interference analysis and evaluation, and subsequently spent 12 years working in international spectrum management in International Telecommunication Union (ITU) proceedings, leading U.S. spectrum policy development and representation on U.S. delegations through international and multilateral diplomacy.

In 2017, he joined the National Science Foundation, and serves as NSF's coordinating spectrum manager. In this role, he represents all of NSF in both domestic and international spectrum management proceedings. Additionally, he works with a team of innovators and experts from multiple disciplines across the Foundation to develop solutions to spectrum challenges, and leverage NSF's core competencies in funding research and development, including NSF's Spectrum Innovation Initiative, which provided initial funding for the SpectrumX Center, workforce development, multidisciplinary research, and the nascent National Radio Dynamic Zone program.