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Staff Directory

Joanna Shisler

(703) 292-5368
E 12329
Program Director

Program Responsibilities:
Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID)
Integrative Research in Biology (IntBIO)
Physiological and Structural Systems (PSS)
Predictive Intelligence for Pandemic Prevention Phase I: Development Grants (PIPP Phase I)



Dr. Joanna Shisler is a Program Director at the NSF, Directorate for Biological Sciences, Division of Integrative and Organismal Systems.  A microbiololgist  with 20 years experience, her primary area of interest is in virology. She is a Program Director in the PSS cluster of IOS.

She is currently a Professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  She is a member of the American Soceity for Microbiology and the American Society for Virology. She is an editorial board member for the Journal of Virology.

Dr. Shisler received a BA in Microbiology from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) and a Ph.D. from Emory University (Atlanta, GA). 

Dr. Shisler's other interests include environmental virology, drinking water treatment,  history, art, and hiking.