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Pradeep P. Fulay

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Dr.  Pradeep Fulay is an Expert with the NSF Convergence Accelerator Program in the Office of Integrative Activities at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). The Convergence Accelerator is a new organizational structure and activity within the NSF designed to accelerate the transition of use-inspired convergence research into practice in areas of national importance. A guiding rationale of the Convergence Accelerator is that to achieve progress on scientific and societal challenges it is necessary to develop teams that can share expertise across research fields as well as with multiple partners and stakeholders, including the ultimate users of the research products.

Prior to joining the Convergence Accelerator team, Pradeep previously served as a Program Officer in the NSF, where his primary responsibility was to facilitate research related to electronic, photonic, and magnetic devices. Pradeep helped initiate and launch the BioFlex EFRI initiative that was aimed at development of flexible, hybrid biomedical devices for a number of in-vivo and ex-vivo healthcare related applications.

Pradeep has more than 30 years of experience at major research institutions. His interdisciplinary  research in the area of advanced electronic and magnetic materials has been the subject of a number of peer reviewed publications and patents. He is also an author/co-author of three major textbooks devoted to materials science and engineering. Pradeep is an elected Fellow of the American Ceramic Society. He has also served Secretary, Vice President, and President of the National Institute of Ceramic Engineers.  He has served as a tenured professor, graduate student coordinator at University of Pittsburgh for about 23 years. He has served as the Associate Dean for Research in Statler College of Engineering at WVU and continues to serve as a Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering.  Pradeep holds a B. Tech and M.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai, India. He earned his Ph.D.  from University of Arizona, Tucson.