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Stephen P. Meacham

Stephen P. Meacham portrait
(703) 292-7599
(703) 292-9040
W 17138
Section Head


Dr. Steve Meacham is the Section Head for the Integrative Activities section of the Office of Integrative Activities (OIA). During his time at NSF, Dr. Meacham has been a program officer for programs in physical oceanography, climate dynamics, mathematical geosciences, information technology research, and high-performance computing centers and facilities. Prior to joining NSF, Steve was a researcher at a private company. His research was in the area of theoretical and computational geophysical fluid dynamics.

During his time with the Office Integrative Activities, Steve has coordinated a team administering a research laboratory construction program, led an internal group looking at ways of improving one of NSFs major lines of business, coordinated a program of external reviews of NSFs administration of its merit review process, co-chairs a group looking at NSFs environmental research and education portfolio, and leads the writing team for the NSFs new strategic plan.