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Tingyu Li

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E 9336
Program Director

Program Responsibilities:
Chemical Mechanism, Function, and Properties (CMFP)
Division of Chemistry: Disciplinary Research Programs (CHE-DRP)


Tingyu Li received his B. Sc. (1984) from Lanzhou University in China.  He came to Harvard University in 1985 to pursue his Ph.D. through Professor William von E. Doering's Chemical Graduate Program.  After receiving his Ph. D. (1991) and one-year postdoctoral work at UCLA, he joined the Scripps Research Institute in 1992 to work on antibody-catalyzed reactions.  At the National Science Foundation (NSF), he has been a program director for the Organic Synthesis, Chemical Synthesis, and Chemical Structure, Dynamic & Mechanism B programs.  He is currently the lead for the Chemical Structure, Dynamic & Mechanism B program, which is the venue for physical organic and physical inorganic chemistry.  Projects supported in the Chemical Structure, Dynamic & Mechanism B program are diverse, ranging from traditional mechanistic studies, chromophore development for advance imaging and solar applications, to studies relevant to the development of flow batteries and molecular qubits.  Before coming to NSF, he was a professor at Mississippi State University.