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Vladimir Pavlovic

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(703) 292-8318
W 10129
Program Director

Program Responsibilities:
BioFoundries to Enable Access to Infrastructure and Resources for Advancing Modern Biology and Biotechnology (BioFoundries)
IIS: Robust Intelligence (RI)


Prof. Pavlovic is a Program Director at NSF and a Full Professor at the Computer Science Department at Rutgers University.  At NSF, he manages the Machine Learning and AI portfolios in the Robust Intelligence cluster at the Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (CISE/IIS).  Vladimir has over 25 years of experience in ML and AI (focus on probabilistic ML, computer vision, and multimodal AI) in academia and industry alike.  From 2018 until 2021, Vladimir helped start and was a Head / Director at Samsung's AI Center in Cambridge, UK. At Rutgers, Vladimir directs the Sequence Modeling and Analysis Lab (SeQAM) and is a member of the Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics (CARTA), the Executive Committee of Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science (RUCCS), and associate faculty member of the Center for Quantitative Biology (CQB).