Staff Directory

Wendy NA Nilsen

(703) 292-2568
(703) 292-9073
W 10136
Deputy Division Director

Program Responsibilities:
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
Disrupting Operations of Illicit Supply Networks (D-ISN)


Wendy Nilsen is the Deputy Division Director for the Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS).  Wendy has been widely recognized across the Federal government as a leader in health technology research.  She has long led the Smart Health program, and in that role leads a coalition involving seven NSF divisions across four directorates, as well as twenty-three NIH Institutes and Centers.  She has continuously evolved that program to seize new intellectual opportunities, while addressing important societal considerations.  She has also long led what is now called the National Information Technology Research and Developmentā€™s (NITRD) Digital Health Research and Development Interagency Working Group, and in that role led the drafting of the Federal Health Information Technology Research and Development Strategic Framework. Prior to becoming the Deputy Division Director in IIS, she previously served as Acting Deputy Division Director for the Division of Industrial Innovations and Partnerships and as Acting Deputy Division Director for the Division of Engineering and Education Centers in the Directorate for Engineering.  Prior to joining NSF, she was a Health Scientist Administrator in the Office of the Director at the National Institutes of Health.