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Division of Electrical, Communications & Cyber Systems  (ENG/ECCS)

Phone: (703) 292-8339 | Fax: (703) 292-9146 | Room: E 14400

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Staff Directory List
Division Director
Filbert J. Bartoli
E 14443
Senior Advisor
Lawrence S. Goldberg
(703) 292-8339 E 14449
Program Specialist
Ganella Williams
(703) 292-8339 C 14015B
Program Support Manager
Cynthia M. Greene
(703) 292-4954 E 14459
Program Analyst
Delores Plater
(703) 292-8339 E 14452B
Operations Specialist
Chanel Kemp
C 14017C
Engineering Science Analyst
Richard S. Nash
E 14436
John M. Zavada
E 14335B
Program Specialist
Pamela Sumpter
E 14452A
Program Specialist
Tracey May
(703) 292-8339 E 14456A
Program Specialist
Sara L. Rudolph
(703) 292-7345 E 14456B
Alireza Khaligh
Program Assistant (Pathways Student)
Stephanie H. Woods
(703) 292 2058 E 14364B
Administrative Support Assistant
Turquoise K. Bowen
(703) 292-4893 C 14015C

Electronics, Photonics and Magnetic Devices (EPMD)
Phone: (703) 292-8339

Communications, Circuits, and Sensing Systems (CCSS)
Phone: (703) 292-8339

Energy, Power, Control and Networks (EPCN)
Phone: (703) 292-8339