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Staff Directory

Section for Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics  (GEO/PLR/AIL)

Phone: (703) 292-8032 | Fax: (703) 292-9080 | Room: 755 S

Section Head
Brian W. Stone 755.29 S bstone@nsf.gov
Chief Program Manager
George Blaisdell (703) 292-8032 755 S gblaisde@nsf.gov
Antarctic Research Support Manager
Jessie L. Crain (703) 292-7457 755 S jlcrain@nsf.gov
Program Manager, IT & Communications
Timothy G. Howard 755 S tghoward@nsf.gov
Specialized Support Manager
Arthur J. Brown (703) 292-7443 755 S abrown@nsf.gov
Program Coordination Specialist
Carlena Fooks (703) 292-7446 755 S cfooks@nsf.gov
McMurdo Station Manager
William N. Henriksen (703) 292-8032 755 N William.Henriksen@usap.gov
Desari Mattox (703) 292-8588 755 S dmattox@associates.nsf.gov
ANG Liaison
Rick McKeown (703) 292-7454 755 S rmckeown@associates.nsf.gov
McMurdo Station Manager, Antactica
Terry Melton (703) 292-8032 755 S terry.melton@usap.gov
Aviation Program Manager
Michael Scheuermann (703) 292-7453 740.04 S mscheuer@nsf.gov
DoD Liaison
Gary James gjames@nsf.gov
Program Manager, System Operations & Logistics
Paul Sheppard (703) 292-7451 755 S psheppar@nsf.gov
Program Support Contract Specialist
Russell McElyea (703) 292-2463 755 N rmcelyea@nsf.gov
Program Manager, Technology Development
Patrick D. Smith 755 S pdsmith@nsf.gov
Ocean Projects Manager
Timothy M. McGovern (703) 292-4248 755 S tmcgover@nsf.gov
Operations Manager
Margaret A. Knuth (703) 292-7418 755.50 mknuth@nsf.gov
Polar Coordination Specialist
Nadene G. Kennedy (703) 292-7405 740 S nkennedy@nsf.gov
Facilities Engineering Projects Manager
Ben D Roth (703) 292-7857 755.37 S broth@nsf.gov

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